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7 Things You Absolutely Must Do Before Guests Stay Over

Hosting guests sounds like it should be a walk in the park. But when you think about it, there’s a lot of work involved. You have to transform your home into a hotel, providing all the facilities that your guests need.

Feeling a little stuck? Not to worry: this post is here to help. We show you how to properly prepare for guests so that you can make a great impression the moment they walk through the door.

Replicate The Hotel Experience In The Bedroom
When it comes to the bedroom experience, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Just do what hotels do.

Put a clock and a lamp on the bedside table and a bible in one of the drawers
Leave tea-making equipment, cups, milk and biscuits on top of the chest of drawers or side table
Fluff the pillows and dress the bed with freshly-washed sheets
Provide a “do not disturb” sign that they can pin on the back of the door
Provide them with a bedroom with easy access to a bathroom, preferably an ensuite
Provide fresh mineral water bottles and glasses on the bedside table
Include small bottles of toothpaste, shampoo and soap, just in case your guests forget

Put Everything Away
Don’t leave clutter lying around. If you have a storage room, throw it all in there and then worry about it when your guests leave.

Add Lots Of Blankets And Pillows
Don’t be afraid to provide lots of blankets and pillows in the guest bedroom. Guests can then add or subtract items as they please instead of being too warm or too cold.

Sort Out Any Issues With Climate Control
Guests won’t feel comfortable during their stay if it is too warm or too cold. Set the thermostat to around 19 to 21 C.

If you have an issue with your HVAC, contact an AC repair professional. Pay attention to loud noises while the HVAC is switched on as well as poor performance. Both are signs that the system is failing.

Offer Guests A Welcome Snack
Guests will likely be hungry by the time they reach your property. Be sure to offer them a welcome snack - simply nibbles - that will energize them and keep them going until dinner.

Create A Schedule
You don’t have to write down what you’re going to do every second of the day. But a loose schedule can help tremendously. This way, you always have something that you can do next instead of frantically worrying about what activities you can provide.

Don’t march your guests around the local area from dawn until dusk - that will just make them feel exhausted. Make sure that you fill the gaps between breakfast and lunch, and lunch and dinner.

Sweep The Floors
Don’t forget to sweep the floors before guests come over, particularly in the mud room and hallway. Dirt can quickly build up in these areas, leading to an unsightly mess. Also, pay close attention to the carpets in the guest bedroom. If they look dirty, get them a wet wash.