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How To Start A Travel Blog

Now there is a glimmer of hope for normal life, people can start to think about travel plans again. Writing blogs is a creative way to share your thoughts and experiences with others. You could set up a travel blog if you are a keen traveler, or are waiting to rebook those canceled travel plans from 2020, or even if you want to document your first trip. Read on for some advice on setting up your travel blog.

Choose your host and domain name
Many websites let you build and host your own site, like Wix, GoDaddy, and Squarespace. Make sure to shop around and compare the quality and prices of web hosting services and domain registrars before settling on one. Some web-building sites are free to use, but they will probably display branding from the provider on your site. Once you have chosen a web host and a domain name, you can use the web building tools to personalize your site and make it relevant to you and the content you want to share. For travel blogs, it's important the web host you choose provides a content management system like WordPress or similar.

Consider travel plans
Now your blog is set up – it is time to start posting content. Suppose you have traveled before, you can write blogs of your experiences. Looking back at notes, itineraries, pictures, and videos will help jog your memory. If you have future travel plans, a bad experience with your accommodation may affect your motivation to write. To avoid this, make sure wherever you are travelling to has the amenities to suit your needs. If you prefer a room with air conditioning, for example, you could check that your accommodation host is aware of this 24 Hour Air Conditioning Repair. It is also a good idea to ensure where your staying is within a reasonable distance to the places you wish to explore.

Research the location
Once you've compiled your ideas and the multimedia you wish to use, you could do some extra research on the location to inform your views before writing. Even if you've visited a place several times, it can help gain another perspective and learn more about the history – you may discover something interesting! 

Get writing
The most important step for a successful blog is to write. To make your content engaging, include multimedia from your trip and screenshots of the location on the map. Plus, there are different ways to craft a travel blog. The narrative-driven blogs provide more detail and are excellent if you are currently on your trip or have just returned and the sensory experiences are fresh in your mind. Or, if you know a place well, a roundup-style blog will be popular with readers as it provides quick information, like how to spend 48 hours in New York City.

Publicize your blog
The only way people will read your blog is if you talk about it and share it. Create a few social media posts on different accounts to spread the word, and send the link to your friends and family to get their say on it.