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Confession Time: It takes me ages to get ready in the morning and style an outfit

Some people get ready in five minutes and some people take over an hour. I definitely fall into the latter category. But, nope, I'm not ashamed and neither should you be, by Rosa Fairfield.

Photographs by David Smith

Nope, I didn't take two lots of photographs, using this top, to show you the different ways of styling it. I did do it because I fell flat on my face with the first outfit. And, by that, I mean I decided not to wear a bra and whenever I slouched over, I felt (and looked) like my boobs were gonna make a run for it. I decided to style the top with the yellow dress instead. Only, when I was trying to edit the photographs, I realised I recently wrote an article all about free the nipple. I'd be a hypocrite for not posting pictures because you could see my nipples. 

That's how a lot of my mornings go. I'll put on an outfit and two seconds later I'll be taking it off, putting something else on and then going back to my original look. Yes, that is as confusing as it sounds.

It's really great how people are always saying looks don't matter. Boy, I'd love to live in a world where looks don't matter. But, they clearly seem to matter to a whole load of people. It feels like you can't leave the house without someone pointing out a flaw you have or without bumping into an advert saying you need the perfect body to feel confident. If you turned up to a job interview when you haven't combed your hair in a week, you probably ain't gonna get hired. 

How long do you take to get ready in the morning? I have so much respect for anyone who can get ready in half an hour. Apparently 56% off us take between 11-30 mins to get ready. Who are these people and can they please trade places with me? I feel like anyone who does is winning at life. On average it takes me about an hour. The longest I've taken is 3 hours. And, even after those three hours, I still don't always get it right. 

That's the dark side of morning routines. Sometimes they run ship shape. Sometimes you end up reapplying your eyeliner five times or, if you ain't into all that 'girly' stuff, you end up accidentally putting on that pair of socks with a hole.

To be fair, I'm just a bit of a slow poke. I end up daydreaming half way through applying my make-up, take over ten minutes to brush my teeth and end up getting distracted writing down a bunch of ideas. Unpopular opinion, but I'd much rather wake up early so I can go at my own pace than have a lie-in. I fall apart under morning routine pressure. That's just with getting ready though. I'm perfectly competent in all other areas.

I probably need to be a bit more organised. I should actually pick out my outfit the night before, instead of pulling random items out of my closet five minutes before I need to go out. The clothes part always comes last in my morning routine. You'd think that would be the first thing I'd think of being a fashion blogger. *Face palm*.

But, hey, that's me. According this this forum, we're all different when it comes to our morning routines. With some of us waking up five minutes before we need to leave and people taking a whole lot longer. So, embrace who you are and go your own way.