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Lifestyle: How to get creative during the lockdown

Lockdown life can feel pretty bleak. The easy option would be giving up and allowing your mood to plummet. It's not all doom and gloom though, you can make use of this time, home alone, to tap into your creative energy. With our, Oh! Ducky special guide, anyone can have fun with outside the box thinking, by Rosa Fairfield.
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Think about what you want to do 
What interests you? There's so many different creative things you can do at home, from remodelling your house to crafting. You might want to look at expanding your existing creative hobbies or this could be the perfect time to try something completely new. If you live with other people, you could even get them involved, you could have a crafting session or create a game for you to all play. The options are endless.

Try Something New
The lockdown is a great time to try something new! For example, if you’re never made music, now is your time to try it. Make sure you have the equipment you need, such as a keyboard or Singular Sound, and start your journey! You can pick up something new with the things you have around the house, too. Did you buy a crochet kit and never get around to trying it? Maybe you’ve been meaning to try a new recipe? Let your creativity run wild!

Think about what you have around you 
If you already have paints... a keyboard, camera (you know what I mean), you're all set. Basically, use what you already have. If you don't have anything that you could obviously use to be creative, then try to think outside the box. With crafting, you can take your used bottles or cardboard and turn them into something beautiful. Alternatively, you might want to look online. You could download Adobe Photoshop and learn how to create digital art or make a movie and edit it using an app on your phone. The possibilities are endless. It's always good to have an open mind and ask yourself if you could create something out of things you come into contact with.

Watch YouTube videos and look on Pinterest
YouTube and Pinterest are great places to find crafting inspiration, especially Pinterest. There's lots of  links to tutorials, explaining how you can turn trash into beautiful items for your house. It's a great way to both save money on your house decor and create something that's completely unique. Plus, it's a lot of fun and will keep you occupied when staying indoors.

Work creativity into your routine
You don't have to blow your creative spark out, as soon as the lockdown is over. By doing a small, manageable amount everyday, you can create a simple routine that will allow you to continue when life goes back to normal.

Take it back to childhood
The lockdown does remind me of being a child on a school holiday. You can re-find your childlike sense of wonder and use that to spark your creativity. It's all about getting excited over the simple things, whether that's finger painting or playing a game of bat and ball in your garden.