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Self-Help: How to stay positive during the coronavirus lockdown

With lockdowns popping up all over the world, and news coverage of a steady stream of deaths, it can be hard to keep the positivity going. But, before you allow yourself to spiral into an episode of doom and gloom, try these tips. Now, more than ever, it's important to stay on top of your mental health.

Words and Illustrations by Rosa Fairfield

Let the light in
Open up all those curtains. Letting some light into your home can help boost your mood by giving you a dash of sunshine. It can also help you feel less cut-off from the world by reminding you that there is life outside of your household bubble.

If you've got a back garden, now is the time to use it. Your garden could be the only way for you to get outdoors properly, for a while, and you need that Vitamin D

Focus on solo hobbies
You can replace the time you'd normally send socialising with focusing on hobbies. Whether you have a musical instrument that you haven't played in a while or a book you haven't found the time to read yet, now is the perfect time to focus on them. You could even try learning a new language or find some new ways to get creative. 

Learn something new
You could learn something new, enroll in an online course, or go back to college to finally get that master's Degree you have been thinking about. Even if you don't know what you want to study, you can look at how to choose a major and dive into a whole new education experience, full or part-time.

Family games and movie nights 
If there's more than just you in your household, you get give those people your full attention. Humans are social creatures, so it's important to not completely isolate yourself with others. You can spend quality time together by watching one of your favourite movies or even with a round of charades. 

If you do live alone, try arranging a Skype time with people you know. Video chat doesn't have to be just for talking either, you can play a game like two truths and one lie, to entertain each other. 

Online therapy
A lockdown doesn't have to mean sacrificing your mental health. Look into online mental health apps if you need to talk to a professional.

Make work fun
It's easy to push yourself too hard, when working from home, by committing to longer hours. If you're enjoying your work, that's awesome. If it's getting you down, make sure you're taking breaks and not pushing yourself too hard. Make sure you find the motivation and you're exciting about a task before you start it.

Style your hair and wear your favourite outfit. Dressing-up can make you feel better about yourself and boost self-esteem. Now is an opportunity to practice looking good for yourself and not for other people. 

Focus on what you do have
Don't think about all the things you've lost, all it will only make you miserable. What is done is done, now and we just have to adapt and make the most out of our current situation. 

At home exercising
Try creating an at home exercising routine filled with different cardio exercises and stretches. You can even try doing online workouts. Exercising regularly is so important for making sure your mental health is in top form. 

Make a list of things to look forward to
The current situation won't last forever, there is hope at the end of the dark tunnel we're in. Put together a list of all those things you'll be able to do when it's over. Even if it's something simple, like having a picnic with friends. It gives you hope that things will get better. 

Try some escapism
Sometimes talking about all the difficulties you're facing can be helpful. If you focus on this too much, though, it can make you feel miserable. So, take a few hours out of your day to completely put coronavirus out of your mind. Send cat memes to your friend or draw pictures of bunny rabbits. Whatever floats your boat. 

Offer a helping hand 
You can check with your government to see if there any any opportunities to volunteer, helping others can make you feel better about a difficult situation.