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Style and Fashion: How to make the most out of Cyber Monday 2019

For anyone that doesn't know what Cyber Monday is - because you've only just got a computer and you've been living in the woods or something - it's one of the biggest online shopping days of year. So, yep, it's definitely the time to get your online shopping done. Here's our one stop Cyber Monday shopping guide so you can can make the most of your money.

Words & Photographs by Rosa Fairfield

(Cyber Monday is December 2nd 2019)

Do a price check
This one is particularly important for big branded items like electrical goods or even hotel stays but it sometimes does apply to clothing too, especially designer goods. But, yep, prices can vary greatly between different online stores for the same item. That's because the brand sells their product to certain sites for a wholesale price and then they chose how much they charge you, the consumer, so shop around and make sure you're getting the best deal possible.

Think about delivery 
It's always important to check for delivery costs, an offer can seem really good when you're browsing through a website and then when you get to the checkout you can find the shipping cost is high. To avoid this, make sure you always read the shipping details page when visiting a new site. Also, check to see if there's any special codes on the site or going around different blogs which give you access to free shipping. Of course, if you find something that you absolutely love, that you can't find anywhere else, high shipping costs are completely worth it.

Create wishlists and add items to your cart 
Some sites allow you to like their products and add them to your wishlist, this is great for doing your research before hand. When you have the chance, have a scroll through some sites and find the items you really like, then add them to a wishlist or even put them in your cart. That way, if you have limited time around Cyber Monday, you can instantly go to the items you had you eye on. It saves a lot of time. Don't forget ROMWE Cyber Monday is coming! They have an option where you can like items.

Know how long the offer is available 
A lot of offers are only on for a limited time, normally the site will have a countdown to tell you when the offer will come to an end. This is always important to know because you don't want to miss the deal. It's no good if you put buying something off until after work, come to do it and find the offer as ended. On the flip side, if you know the sale is on for a couple of days, you know you have a bit of time to make sure you really love that item and it's not just an impulse purchase.

Secret Sales 
Some sites have secret sales... but also be aware of sale pages on websites. Sometimes specific items are only listed in sale categories and are not always listed in the main category pages. You might end up stumbling on something you really like by making sure you do a complete search of the site. Also, look for similar items that might be priced differently.


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