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Style & Fashion: Personalised photo jewellery with Getnamenecklace

Getnamenecklace sells a variety of personalised jewellery pieces, perfect if you're looking for a gift for that special someone in your life. What better way is there for showing your affection for someone than through a photo of the two of you engraved in silver? It's the gift of a lasting memory.

Words by Rosa Fairfield
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Photo Necklaces
These come in a variety of options, the main two differences being engraved and photo locket. My personal preference is the silver engraved look. I think it looks slightly more stylish and sophisticated. You simply have to upload a photograph and you can choose the engraving on the back.

Carrie Necklaces
All Sex and The City fans raise their hands... okay, both my hands are raised now with excitable enthusiasm like I'm a student trying desperately to catch the teachers attention. I mean, you don't have to wear Carrie's name around your neck if you're not that big of a super fan, you can change it to your own name. You can also select the material and the chain length. You can also get a variety of Fonts Heart Name Necklace designs.

Bar Necklaces
I love bar necklaces, they're so simple and chic. I have a little one with affirmations engraved into it. This design is a great choice if you want to personalise a friendship necklace... or if you want to celebrate your undying love with that special romantic someone in your life. Again, you can personalise the chain length etc.

Birthstone Rings
I was completely obsessed with birthstones when I was a kid and used to collect all different things with my birth stone in it. My birth stone is Garnet... it's the perfect match considering red is my favourite colour. You can also engrave these with a name or a personalised message.

Tiara Rings 
These are probably my favourites. I literally clicked on the link and started to swoon because they're little tiaras for your fingers... your fingers can be princesses too. They're just ADORABLE... okay? Again, these ones come in multiple different styles so it's worth having a browse.

Photo Charms 
The same as the necklaces, you can also have your photo engraved onto a charm. I also used to collect charm bracelets when I was younger. It's a really nice sentiment, I think. Especially for gifts... I like the idea of someone buying a new special charm for each birthday... but maybe that's very basic? I think there was a SNL sketch about it last Christmas.

Pet Photograph Earrings 
You can upload a photograph of your pet and have their face on your earrings. This is another cute idea, it works in a similar way to the normal photo designs. I suppose it only works if you have a pet though.

Infinity Bracelets
The site has lots of different infinity pieces. It's a cute way of showing how much you care about a special someone. Again, you can customise these and they come in different styles and colours.

Which is your favourite? Don't forget, if you want personalized name necklace cheap deals, then head over to the website.