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Style & Self-Help: Is social media turning us into zombies?

Is social media turning us into zombies and as content creators, is our work just getting lost in a sea of well... more content? I was thinking about this because I recently released my short film: Pinafore & Braces, on Amazon Prime (go watch it, shameless advertisement right there). The point is that I compared my Amazon analytics to my YouTube and social media. On Amazon, most people were watching my whole film until the end, on YouTube most people were clicking off after a minute, less sometimes. Does that make my short film better or is it to do with how we consume social media?


Are we invested?
When I choose to watch a film or read a book, I read and listen to interviews and discover what it is about before I decide to commit to it. This makes me interested and I'll normally stick with it until the end. A good example of this is A Diary of a Teenage Girl. I watched it recently, at the start, I wasn't really enjoying the film but I thought, I've done my research and I'll stick with it. You know what, I'm really glad I did because by the end, I actually had really enjoyed the film. But, I just know that if that film had been a YouTube video, I would have clicked off it.


Well, there's just so much content out there on the one platform that's free for me to watch. I don't like this one, okay, I'll move onto the next one. In reality, I haven't really given it a chance, I've just found one thing I don't like and moved on. It's different if you build a fanbase, but if not, you just tend to get lost in the ocean of content.

A culture of self-promotion 
I think it's so easy to fall into a pattern of engaging with other people's content to promote your own. Like, I know, I'll comment on lots of people's blogs so people will find mine... or, I'll have 20 minutes on Instagram to like and comment. We can so easily forget to actually enjoy it and not just treat it as a job.

Quick content
We're moving towards short form content with social media but I feel it's gone in the blink of an eye, too quick to process. Lately, I've been going through my Instagram feed. You know how you can post multiple images on one post now? Well, I've literally sat there, looking at all the images. Then I'll go to leave a comment and I'll write, 'nice photo' ... when there's more than one and I know there is. I kinda feel like I'll tune out looking at a feed that's showing me lots of kinda similar photos from different people.

Is engaging a good thing?
Everyone is looking for comments and likes, obviously because of aligoriums etc. Often though, the content I'm most engaged with physically, I won't leave a comment or like because I'll be actively enjoying the content. Otherwise my mind is just thinking about what I'm going to say in the comments section.

Observing VS looking for
Coming back to the first point, people are more invested in something when they're actively looking for it. Like, I might go to Pinterest and spend hours searching, if I want to try a new hairstyle or try glitter make-up or learn about something. I might go through Instagram if I'm looking for a new comedy show to see. It's like, I'm looking for something and yay, I found it so I'm satisfied. Rather than, I'm bored or I'm at a job interview and no ones talking, I'll just go through my phone.

So yeah, I think we need to be careful how we engage with online content, not just use it to pass 5 seconds whenever we're bored but actually interest ourselves in a couple of things and have maybe a set aside time where we can really focus on it.