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Self-Help: Why blogging is a great form of therapy

I was just, like, writing another post and I was like, to myself, 'hey, blogging is a really great form of therapy.' Like, if you can't afford to see a professional, I'd definitely recommend blogging. Seriously, it's definitely something that keeps me sane. Not... that I'm insane, that's really not where I'm going with this. I do have a tendency to tell people I'm crazy, then they're eyes widen and they slowly move away from me. I mean, I am crazy, in a fun - 'ha! I'm crazy' - way, because that's the really only okay sense to use the word crazy in, by Rosa Fairfield.

Photographs by Linda Smith


Blogging vs. Journaling 
I've never really been good at journaling. I think blogging is good because you can pick a topic and share your view points around it. It can help you start thinking about all different view points and how there's not always a right and wrong. I mean, this can lead to overthinking but it's really fascinating and gets you thinking about things in new ways.

Blogging vs. Social Media
I think this is something blogging really has over social media. A lot of people fall into the cycle of emoting on social media and this can sometimes have a negative effect. People can end up offending people and getting caught up in arguments or just end up saying things they regret. On the other hand, with blogging, you can really think about a subject and take an outside perspective and explore it in depth.

Blogging vs. Life
Blogging is just better okay! ... no, haha, I just ran out of things to say for a second so I guess I'm kinda setting a bad example there.

Being careful of what you say...
I've seen quite a few people who have shared their opinions on topics and used other people as examples that don't paint that person in the best of light. That just tends to upset people, especially if you're emotionally involved, you can sometimes forget to see the other person's point of view. It's like someone might be on a date with someone and that person only might talk about themselves. Then the other person might rant online about how self-centered they are. Then the other person could get upset because it might just be a nervous tick they have and after the first meeting, when they relax, they might be completely different.

Third person sharing...
I'm just free-forming here... but if you're struggling to cope with something... it's sometimes cathartic to create some characters and write about the situation like that. It's not you that's living through it but a character. You could even publish it... or just keep it for yourself.

Yeah, but don't take my word for this... I'm not a therapist, and this is by no means me trying to give people tips on how to deal with mental health issues or any other issues or anything like that. I just really find blogging therapeutic and, you know, I thought other people might too and I think everyone needs a therapeutic outlet.