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8 film and TV series to binge watch this Halloween

So, yep, I completely love Halloween. I love it so much that I'm currently performing in a Halloween haunted house. Then again, I'm not too keen on super scary things. Therefore, I created this list of some great series to binge watch this Halloween that won't completely terrify you, by Rosa Fairfield.

Photographs by Linda Smith


I've only seen the very recent one, which I'm kinda a bit obsessed with... but you can binge watch all the films. It's fun to have more of a comical take on the supernatural but there's still a bit of a scary element at the same time. 

Ghost Whisperer
This is like my all time favorite TV series. I grew up watching it. The series follows a woman who can communicate with sports and helps them to cross over to the other side. Some of the episodes can be quiet unnerving and scary but there's a happy ending element to most episodes too. 

The X-Files
I'm binge watching the X-Files again at the moment. Some of the monster episodes and darker ones are quiet fitting for Halloween. Maybe I'm just a scared-y cat but I do find that some of the episodes scare me. 

Vampire Diaries 
Vampire Diaries is way more sad than scary but the whole vampire thing fits in with Halloween. It follows the residents in a small town and how they deal with the supernatural. It's nice to watch if you want to have a little cry.

Scream Queens
I just love this so so much. The first season I think was better than the second. It's about characters being hunted by a serial killer, told in a very tongue and cheek comic way. It has made me jump at times but the comic element makes it really fun to watch too. I also just love all the outfits.

Harry Potter
You know... witches and wizards. I just feel that you can't do Halloween without having a bit of Harry Potter. If you don't know what Harry Potter is about, then I'm a little worried. 

Final Destination
This is like the only horror series I can watch without being completely freaked out. There's always a group of people that survive some incident and then start dying one by one. I kinda feel like my life is a little Final Destination at times because I keep on having freaky near death experiences.

The Halloweentown series is the best thing ever! I keep on watching the movies over and over, even though they're aimed at kids... but you gotta love a bit of nostalgia. There's a town filled with Halloween people and stuff happens. I know, what a great description from me, haha.