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The Art of Being Silly & Not Giving A F***

Rosa Fairfield, the Award winning writer of the self-help book series, So You Want to be a Pink Sparkly Unicorn, reveals her simple, tried and tested method that will allow you too to break free of the box labelled 'people's judgements'.

Photographs by Linda Smith

Looking at these photographs, I thought: hey Rosa, let's write about something Christmas related. You know what? My mind went blank, couldn't even put a sentence together, so you have this instead:

"I used to care about what people thought of me, but at a certain point I got bored of 'trying to be perfect" - Soon you'll be moving into the light, towards a happier future of fun & silliness too, with these simple steps:

Does it really matter?
I often hear so many people say: "No, I'm not going to do that... because there're all these people here...". Does it really matter? If they're strangers, you'll never see them again. If they're people you know, give them something to gossip about. Most people constantly search for something to gossip about, especially when they have to talk to others that they don't have anything in common with... really you're doing them a favour, giving them something to talk about. 

Roll with your spontaneous impulses
Okay, so you've decided that you want to do something silly, now what? Well, I think it's best to roll with spontaneous impulses. Being silly is a kind of comedy and that never really works if you are trying to be funny. So, give yourself permission to actually do any crazy thing, as long as it's not hurting you or anyone else. (I'm not suggesting you murder someone, if that's what you're thinking.) You want to walk around the street singing... start a crazy dance routine? Do it.

Make a total fool out of yourself?
Now you're rolling with the spontaneous impulses, the next step is making a complete fool out of yourself. I think that's the point when you realise that all the small stupid things that you once thought mattered, don't in fact matter at all. That's very liberating. If everyone thinks that you're a weirdo, you really have nothing to lose. 

Never Explain?
Within reason, if you've hurt someone you care about, I normally find a explanation is a good thing. I'm talking about when people are clearly worried about what people are thinking about them and end up appologising for something they haven't done wrong. If someone is browsing in a shop and a shop assistant comes over, they feel the need to start rambling about how they are just looking and would never dream about stealing anything etc. In 2017 we are allowed to browse in shops, there is no rule against it. That was just an example, hopefully you get the idea.

Ta-Ta, you just graduated from the Rosa School of not Giving a F***. 

*Disclaimer* This isn't an exact science. 
You may experience side effects of: vampireism,  self-conscious thougthts, the strong belief that you are really a unicorn & an overwelming desire to become a recluse and move to a remote island.


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