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Personal Style & Blogmas: Christmas Sweater Alternatives

Bored of the average Christmas sweater? Here are some alternatives to get you into the festive mood, by Special Agent Rosa Fairfield.

Photographs by Linda Smith

I love Christmas! Christmas is my jam. I'm like a hyperactive elf that's escaped from the workshop. So, you know, I take every opportunity to celebrate the festive season and that normally involves wearing some kinda Christmas get-up. Sometimes though... I think the whole Christmas sweater thing is a way too overdone so here are some alternatives:

Christmas Leggings
As seen above in the picture! The great thing about the Christmas leggings option is that they are uber comfortable and stretch so you have lots of room for yule log... a full box of celebrations... a whole turkey covered in cranberry sauce (okay, I just made myself super hungry). I also think the leggings are a bit more stylish than the average sweater and you can get them in off-beat designs.

Christmas Dress
I've been seeing lots of these around lately... and I was tempted to buy one but, to be honest, I don't want to spend Christmas day wearing a dress. Most of my time, around the house, is spent wearing lounge wear, with greasy hair and food dropped down me (I know, lovely picture). Anyway, if you are looking for something cute and feminine, go for the Christmas dress.

Christmas Headwear
This one is my favourite. From reindeer antlers to cute Santa hats, there is something for everyone. I've got a cute tinsel sprouts headband this year, which I'm loving. I've also got a wooly elf hat. It's super cute, I love novelty Christmas hats because you can wear them throughout the whole winter season and it's so *insert bad word here* cold outside that I need all the protection I can get.

Christmas T-Shirt
I like Christmas tees. I did have one... I can't for the life of me remember where I've put it (I have so many clothes that things are always getting lost). I think they're kind of a funny play on the whole sweater thing. Also, they are a lot more fitted and tend to more modern and less old fashioned, if you get what I mean.

Full Santa Costume 
You know what? Why not go the whole distance? Last year, for NYE, I decided to dress up as a giant Christmas meal, it was one of my favourite costumes. I say wear a Santa costume because I hate the whole thing of women having to dress up in a cute/sexy Mrs Claus costume. Why not just dress up as Santa? Get a full white beard thing going and everything.

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