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Personal Style: How to Glam Up Wide Leg Denim

Looking for a pair of jeans that aren't skinny? Why not try these wide leg pants. See my tips for styling these in a glam way, by Rosa Fairfield

Photographs by Linda Smith

Stereotypically, when I think of wide leg denim, I think a Avril Lavigne in the early 00s (who I completely love) or some grungy 90s kid. That isn't particularly my style but I loved these jeans and really wanted to wear them. Here are my tips for using them to create a glam-chic look fit for 2017 (with a little hint of 1990s because why not).

Crop Top
I would only wear these with a crop top, a longer tight-fitting top or a bodysuit. It works well to show-off your figure with the baggy bottoms. Unless you are stick thin, a baggy top will look kinda frumpy. This also makes the look a little more feminine.

I think everything looks a little more glam with a pair of heels on, that doesn't have to mean wearing stilettos (which I don't wear that often because I keep on breaking the heels because I'm not very delicate). I paired the jeans with these red embroidered mules because they jazz-up the simple outfit and are damn comfortable to walk in.

Jacket on shoulders
I always love to wear my jacket on my shoulders, it reminds me of when you see pictures of uber-stylish women on the front row of fashion shows. I also like wearing it like this because it shows-off my figure... because this jacket is cut around the hips, it would just look like I have no shape if I wore it normally with these jeans.

Sunglasses instantly glam up any outfit, they add that air of mystery (you wonder who exactly the person is behind them). These are a pair of my favourite ones at the moment. I'm loving metal frames in this circular shape with a flicked out end, it works great for my face shape.

Statement earrings
I've said on other posts how much I'm loving tassel earrings. These ones are great because they match my jeans and I love the three tone effect with the different layers. Earrings are a great way to add a feminine touch to an outfit that could look masculine. I think with earrings, the bigger the better.

One of the things I love about these jeans is that they are cut-offs. This means that you can see my shoes and also that the flared bottom doesn't drop on the floor (which it would do if they were full length because of my height). You can also wear these jeans with the hem turned up but I liked showing off the two-tone effect.

The micro-bag
I love cute mini bags. In this outfit, the small bag helps to create the smart casual effect. A larger bag or a backpack would look too causal, which works against the glam effect we are trying to create. I've also tied a scarf around my bag because, again, I think it's a nice feminine touch.

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