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Travel Guide: Top 5 things to do in Venice Italy

Travel Guide

Top 5 things to do in Venice

Want to learn how to do Venice like pro? Then check out my tips, by Rosa Fairfield

Wander & Get Lost

This is the best thing to do in Venice. Stray off the main paths and walk down the narrow side streets. You avoid the large crowds and get to have a more authentic experience.

Eat Gelato  

Who can go to Venice and not eat Gelato? (Well, unless you are vegan or have an intolerance.) My favourite place has to be Gelateria Ca' d'Oro. I found their ice-cream had a great smooth and creamy consistency and no icy bits. 

Visit the Old Town

This was where some of the narrowest streets were and the best mask shops. The buildings were crumbling and look as though they belonged in a different type, (well, of course, it is the old town). It was very quiet to walk around too, I only ever bumped into one or two other people.

Best in the Daytime

I was disappointed with night time Venice. I like sparkling lights like the New York skyline but this was not the case and most things were closed up. The street lamps reflected in the water looked pretty like the Van Gogh painting: Starry Night over the Rhône.

Stop in an Apartment

I stopped in a tiny, quaint apartment, which had this traditional Italian feel to it. Sure, 5* hotels are nice but this had so much more character and started to feel like home after a while.

The Dress

This is another dress from VIPme. The site has recently become one of my favorite places to order clothing from. I feel reassured that the items I order will be high-quality and I will receive speedy service.

They have sent me this dress as part of a collaboration and I have previously collaborated with them a few times. They have always been professional and respected my work as a blogger, which I feel says a lot about the company. This isn’t always the case; I have worked with some other companies previously (and will not be working with them again) who have been very rube to me.

It’s funny, I had my reservations about ordering this dress at first. When I saw the picture online, I wasn’t sure it made a statement. Then I tried it on for the first time and fell in love with it. The dress has a skater style shape, which meant it fit nicely to my body shape. A lot of clothes tend to be too big on my waist and small on my bottom so are comfortable to wear but the skater style of this dress meant it fit perfectly.

The material is thick and has an almost spongey quality to it, which means it feels great against your skin. That also means it doesn’t get too creased, retains its shape in the wind and offers some warmth.

Styling tips

I’d probably recommend wearing long hair in an up do because of the high neck, with some statement earrings and a bracelet. It works well with black shoes – either a chunky heal or a boot.

Outfit from VIPme

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