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Fashion: Get Freebies with the Zaful Anniversary Sale

Grab a Freebie

Do you love a freebie? Then don't miss the Zaful Anniversary Sale, items will be at their lowest ever prices and free gifts will be up for grabs.

Zaful is an online shopping website, if you've been fashion blogger, you will probably have heard of it.

Why Do I Love Zaful?

Because they send me free things!!!! Just kidding. Getting items sent to you is a great perk but a lot of hard work goes into maintaining and running a blog, it becomes a 24/7 job sometimes, so they're not all that 'free'. 

Seriously though, I really do love Zaful. This is why:

  • The website is stylish and easy to use
  • They have such interesting creative pieces
  • Their items have a cool boho vibe
  • There is also the community, if you sign-up you can share your pictures and get freebies

About the Anniversary Sale

I love a sale. I go crazy whenever their is one... constantly refreshing the page to see if they have the item I like in my size. Next month marks Zaful's three year anniversary, to celebrate they are having a special sale. During this time:
  • Free shipping for all Zaful products during the anniversary
  • They will offer chances to win gifts
  • Items will be priced cheaper than throughout the rest of the year, available while stocks last
  • When so many purchases are made of an item, it will be priced at a much lower price
  • If you buy multiple items, you will receive a discount
  • There will be a banner on Zaful's front page, click it to receive better discounts

4 styles I'm loving at the moment

Mermaid Themed Swimwear

My favourite Disney film is The Little Mermaid. When I found out mermaid themed swimsuits saw a thing, I literally started jumping up and down in my chair with excitement. (Yep, no over-exaggeration, I actually did that because I'm weird). I mean come on, the bikini actually has scales on the bottom... what could be better?

The Items:

Boho Crop Tops 

I think I'm going through a boho faze at the moment, I'm just loving the whole Miley Cyrus 'Malibu' vibe. I've always loved crop tops. I don't get the whole, 'showing a bit a midriff is so daring' thing. I mean, it's just skin, everyone's got it.

The Items:

Left | Centre | Right

Ruffle Swimwear

If you visit my blog regularly... (does anyone actually do that?) then you will know I love ruffles. I'm glad I've finally found some swimwear that looks interesting. I always just used to go for a standard boring plain bikini top and bottoms.

The Items:

Left | Right 

Bold Stripes

I always associate these kind of stripes with Gucci. I love the whole blue and green colours, mixed in with the orange. Also, don't you think they look like dress versions of silk scarfs? In a good way of course.

The Items:

So yeah... um... head over to Zaful next month for the anniversary sale. Also, just to be clear, you don't have to wait until next month to visit the site... you can head over their right now.

I always struggle to come up with ways to end my blog posts... and come up with cool titles that will also be good for SEO. Does anyone else struggle with that?

You know what else is tricky... trying to make an article that's over 500 words... Google loves it, but I also find I've said everything I want to in 300 words for less... that's why i'm starting to ramble now... blah...blah

Right, I think i've reached 500 words now