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Fashion: Bunny Rabbit print top and denim skirt

A picture speaks a thousand words

Find out why photography is an important part of my blog and the reason why I feel fashion blogging isn't vain or about 'looking good' by Rosa Fairfield

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People tend to think I'm vain, especially since starting my fashion blog because I'm posing in lots of photographs and posting them online. I just... I've never really thought about it in that way, because I don't really think about fashion as dressing to look good. 

I don't particularly care about 'looking good'. I like to look interesting. I like my outfits to communicate a mood or a character. I think styling outfits is an art and my body is just a canvas for me to use to create that. Then, I use photography to tell a particular story around that outfit. 

Even though I do that, once I've had fun creating my outfits, I completely forget about what I look like. I don't even bother to reapply my lipstick. I like it that way because I can concentrate on my day and living in the moment. 

Various people have asked me how they should dress to 'look better'... but I've never really been able to answer because appearance is relative and I think dressing should be about having fun and finding your own personal style. A lot of the time that might not conform to societies' ideal. 

It may be odd, but I don't think of myself as looking like anything, when I see my reflection or a picture of myself, I'm almost shocked I have a face or body or anything. It's like, when I'm editing pictures of myself, it doesn't feel like that's me, just some random stranger.

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