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Fashion: Maximalism Quilted and Jacquard Dress


NO. 12

Maximalism & Jacquard Trend

"Find out why, sometimes, more is more, by Rosa Fairfield"

Photographs by David Smith


Dress from StyleWe

I love thick fabric, that feels quilted. The material of this dress is fantastic, it almost feels spongy. I've always associated thicker fabrics with luxury. Okay, so you can get very expensive, delicate fabrics - which are so thin they are almost transparent - but I'd probably destroy them after like... five seconds.

I braved the Boxing Day sales today and purchased a skirt made from a similar fabric. Although, I did meet a crazy lady who screamed something at me, which I won't repeat.

I'm so drawn to the AW16 jacquard trend because I love maximalism, sure I appreciate minimalists but that's just not me.

I like my clothing to be fun, grand and a little crazy. Busy patterns make me smile and feel confident. Also, 'more is more, darling!' I was so that kid who had many tantrums, while out shopping, screaming: 'I want the shoes... and the dress... and the other shoes...'