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A Sprinkle of Glitter

Everyone who knows me, knows that I have a great love of glitter - one year my best friend actually gave me a teeny tiny pot of glitter for Christmas - so, when I first discovered the brand Fabulous Fripperies my heart melted. I just simply adore their quirky, glittery... down right fabulous clutch range.

These two nifty numbers, embody the fun, whimsical nature of the brand - perfect for making a statement. I particularly like that these bags are so well-made, they feel durable so I don't have to be constantly mindful of them getting damaged - definitely a plus if you tend to be a tad clumsy like me.

You should also know that I'm a little sentimental and a sucker for the personal touch. Therefore, when I found out that Saundra - the lovely lady behind these wonders - makes all of these bags by hand, I fell in an even deeper love with these dazzling creations. Seriously, when I see the perfect fashion piece I feel nothing less than butterflies and these bags had that exact impact.

Can I just stop for a second to mention the glaringly obvious fact that the above bag is Costa themed and shaped like a coffee cup? I unapologetically love anything with a touch of novelty, so I applaud Fabulous Fripperies for bringing an extra touch of whimsy to the world.

Some of my favourite pieces, from the sensational Saundra for Fabulous Fripperies, include the: Eye on You range, Take a Break KitKat and Peacock Feather Glitter Clutches - which were a commissioned piece. I fully recommend heading over to: where you can shop the range. You can also follow the brand on Instagram, (@fabulousfripperies), where you are guaranteed lots of fun, creative images of fabulous, glittery goodness.

* The Bang Clutch is only available for purchase via , the But First Clutch (Costa Clutch) is available for order via Instagram.

Thanks so much Fabulous Fripperies/SoS15 for sponsoring this post.

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