British travel & personal style blog, created by Rosa Fairfield 

Telling stories through photographs of the clothes I wear and the places I go - a 23 year-old gal that likes to play dress-up. 

About the blog

I created Oh! Ducky Darling at the start of 2016. There were two reasons I created the blog.

1. I enjoy designing webpages, I'm a bit of a geek in that sense. I created my first website when I was 10-years-old, it was a doll dress-up site. Over the years I taught myself coding and graphic design and here I am. 

 2. I wanted to share my experiences of my four month trip travelling around America - it sort of evolved into a personal style blog.

I work on the blog with my parents, who spend a lot of time taking photographs of me in different locations. 

About Rosa

I'm weird - the good kind of go-on-spontanious-adventures-and-says-wacky-things kind of weird. I don't just blog, I'm also an Actress. I like ice-cream, dancing around my house like a crazy person and visiting the seaside. 

I don't really have a signature style, it depends on how i'm feeling. I just pick out clothes that I like the look of. I also tend to dress in a certain theme or character.

So, that's Rosa - now take a look at my blog...