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Live life in the quack lane...
Howdy! Yes, we're that ridiculously colourful corner of the internet, here to help young creatives navigate the world through fashion, travel, self-help and lifestyle advice. We deliver fun and imaginative content straight to your devices. So, don't worry, if you're bored with the mundane, we've got you covered. Life's too short to bottle up your uniqueness, it's time to let it out for the world to see. 

Oh! Ducky Darling was created in 2016, as a personal style blog written by Rosa Fairfield (birth name Laura Smith). But, it's since transformed and grown into a lifestyle website, offering articles on all sorts of topics from fun crafts to online dating (and, yes, there's still lots of fashion here). Cuz, blogs are great, but we wanted it to be more about you, our readers.


Hi, I'm Rosa and I created Oh! Ducky Darling. Coding and web design has always been an interest of mine. After I got my Masters in Print Journalism, I decided to turn my blog into a fully fledged lifestyle website. A lot of sites go for the sleek neutral look but I wanted to bridge that gap and create something lively and colourful for all you creatives out there.

I still mostly run things here, whilst also working as an actress, freelance writer and illustrator. I've recently written a book called: 80 ways to embrace your socially awkward self


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