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4 Habits To Leave Behind in 2023 (and 3 Habits To Adopt!)

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Habits truly shape our lives and impact our chances of being successful - regardless of what your idea of success is! Fortunately, it is never too late to leave behind habits that may be negatively impacting your mental and physical health. And, there is always plenty of time to adopt habits and routines that get you closer to your goals!

In this guide, we’ll look at the habits to leave behind this here and a few to adopt - without having to run your world and lifestyle upside down!

1) Fighting Stress in the Wrong Way

Stress is a normal part of most people’s lives. But what does make a difference is the way we cope with it. For example, if you have noticed that you resort to drinking after work to cope with stress and anxiety, this may be a habit to let go of. After all, drinking alcohol can have a negative impact on your overall health and lead to severe complications. 

2) Feeling Overwhelmed by Your Daily Life

Moderate levels of stress can be a force for good: stress can keep you alert and energized throughout the day. However, if you have started to feel overwhelmed by your own schedule, consider the negative effect that stress can have on your mental and physical well-being. This may be the right time to take a hard look at your daily schedule, carve out time for self-care, and start saying “no” to some events and responsibilities. 

3) Not Having a Structured Routine

Not having a structured routine can cause you to lose out on your productivity and get in the way of your goals. If you have noticed that you never seem to have enough time for the activities that you love and enjoy, this may be the culprit!

4) Not Standing Up for Yourself

If you have been dealing with toxic relationships that are having a negative effect on your life, this may be the right time to start standing up for yourself. Gaining confidence in yourself can help you become more assertive and sure of yourself, which is also critical to build balanced and respectful relationships. 

3 Habits To Adopt This Year

Above we have seen some habits that you may consider letting go this year. But what about some healthy habits to adopt? Here are a few ideas to help you get started. 

1) Find Healthy Ways To Cope With Stress

If you are struggling with high-stress levels, there are some healthy ways to cope. For example engaging in mind-body activities such as yoga, taking time for yourself, learning the basics of meditation and breathwork, and getting enough sleep can help. If you are looking to try to manage stress with CBD products, make sure to invest in items that make it easier to create a healthy habit, such as a joint case

2) Focus on Self-Care

One of the most important habits you could introduce this year is dedicating time to self-care. Of course, self-care means enjoying spa days and relaxing baths. But it also means leading an active lifestyle, moving your body every day, eating a balanced and healthy diet, getting enough sleep, and working towards your fitness goals. If you are struggling to take the first step, consider going for a walk each morning and prepping your meals in advance. 

3) Implement a Routine That Works for Your Needs

Last but not least, structure your routine! Even something as simple as creating a scheme in your notebook or journaling every day can help you gain more control over your everyday life.