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What it Really Takes to Break into the Creative World

If you’re thinking of breaking into the creative world, whether that be through art, design, fashion, or photography, you probably have an idea of what it takes to succeed. But sometimes, the reality of the situation can be a little harder than we imagine. In this blog post, we’re going to take a look at some of the things you should consider before making your first big move in the creative industry.

Be Prepared for Rejection and Criticism
No matter how talented you are or how hard you work, rejection is simply part of life as a creative professional. And it can be hard to take. One way to manage this is to remember that criticism isn’t personal – it’s just feedback on your work and should always be taken constructively. It’s also important to remember that not everyone will like your work – and that’s okay! It doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you or your work; it just means that everyone has different tastes and preferences.

Learn How To Network
Networking is one of the most important skills you can possess when trying to break into any industry. There are lots of ways to make connections in the creative world – attending industry events, meeting people online through social media, joining industry-specific groups and forums…the list goes on! The more contacts you make in your chosen field, the better chance you have of finding success in the long run. There may even come times when a contact or mentor may open their network up for collaborations which could catapult your career forward faster than imagined!

Find a Mentor
The creative industry can be a tricky field to break into, with plenty of competition no matter the type of position. Having a mentor, such as Travis Preston of CalArts, who has been there can be invaluable in navigating the ins and outs of starting out and setting yourself up for long-term success. You'll get direct insight into which paths are going to be best for you, and support as you navigate your way through: from finding work, managing projects, mastering the latest technologies and making connections. Most mentors are going to have contacts that can help in networking - an invaluable asset to getting your foot in the door - as well as first-hand guidance from personal experience.

Have Goals & Be Consistent
It's easy to lose focus when trying to break into any new industry - but setting goals for yourself helps keep everything organized and keeps you motivated. Whether it's getting a portfolio together or reaching out to potential employers - having clearly defined objectives make sure nothing gets lost in translation (or forgotten altogether)! Once these goals are set, focus on executing them consistently so that no time is wasted daydreaming instead of doing!

Getting Your Creative Career Off the Ground
Breaking into any new industry can seem intimidating at times - especially if it's something as competitive as the creative world! That said, with enough dedication and consistency anyone can achieve their dreams with hard work and determination. Keep organized by setting goals for yourself and don't forget about building relationships along the way. No one succeeds without help from others - so reach out today and start seeing real progress in no time!