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Practical Ways To Transform Your Garden Into a Versatile Part of the Home

To many people, their garden or backyard is essentially just a small plot of land that doesn’t really see use. Sure, you might plant some flowers in it, you could try growing vegetables, and you might even play some sports. But rarely do we make daily use of the garden unless you’re growing some kind of crop or are engaging in some kind of special activity.

However, we firmly believe that with the right amount of love and care, you could potentially transform your garden into an extremely versatile part of the room that you could even consider an extra room in your house. So let's take a look at some of the most practical ways to transform your garden into a flexible extra room.

Well-kept lawns can be versatile spaces
If you’re keeping your lawn in good condition by mowing it on a regular basis, then you’ll find that it can actually be a really versatile and flexible space to use for things like playing sports, having picnics, or even camping during the summer months. This is one of the easiest ways to transform your garden into a practical additional room that will become a versatile part of the home. Just simply mow your lawn on a regular basis, keep the grass healthy, and remove any debris and random objects that might be in the way.

Start using your extra space for storage
A backyard is a brilliant place with a lot of extra space that can be used as storage. You can start by using storage bins and premade sheds that can be built as a flatpack package, but we actually suggest that you upgrade straight away to custom made sheds when possible. These custom sheds can be extremely spacious areas that function identically to any storage closet or room in your home. Since you likely have a lot of space in your garden, you could make your custom shed as big or small as you like based on your needs and what you’ll be storing in it.

Build a patio space or expand your existing one
Another great option is to start expanding your patio space. A lot of people think that their patio is large enough because it can house a table and a few chairs, but your patio could be so much more if you’re willing to put some effort into redesigning it. For example, you could use your patio as a dining area with chairs and tables, but add a bit more space to place a lounge chair and coffee table and suddenly you have an outdoor living room.

As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities to transform your home starting with your garden. Again, the focus here isn’t just to look at the fancy things that you can do with your garden, but to seriously consider it as an additional room in the home by giving it a practical purpose and making it a flexible room that can be used for many different things