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Fashion Fun With Instagram Stories

Instagram is a fun and useful platform for fashionistas. It can be a fantastic place to find outfit inspiration and fashion tips, but it’s also a great place for you to show off your own style too.

While Instagram was started off as a great place to share photos, it’s now evolved to allow users to create video content too. And with changes to Instagram’s algorithm putting more emphasis on video content, it could be a great time for you to have fun with some video posts.

Here are some ideas for having some fashion fun with Instagram stories.

Image Credit: Unsplash under Creative Commons

Create a Reel
Reels are a short and entertaining type of video that has taken Instagram by storm. A rival to TikTok, Instagram Reels allow people to create all kinds of cool content. They’ve become a surprisingly useful tool for fashion accounts, with people sharing their outfit transformations and different outfit selections via Reels. Check out some great fashion Instagram Reels and see what they’re all about.

Add Movement to Your Outfits
Photographs are an easy and effective way to show off your style. But seeing how an outfit moves can help people get a better sense of how an outfit fits, and it creates a little interest too. Outfit stories can feature anything from walking down the street to posing in the mirror and detailing each item.

Keep stories short and light, and check out how to add music to Instagram post videos so you can add a fun and creative twist. Track your engagement to see how your stories perform with your followers.

Share tips via Instagram
TV Instagram TV allows you to create longer form videos that are perfect for sharing your style tips. Popular fashion content for Instagram TV includes Top 5s, and x ways to style an outfit. They can be a fun way to engage with your followers, without them having to leave the platform. YouTube videos tend to be longer in duration, so keep your Instagram TV videos short and snappy to help your followers stay interested.

Use your stories to recommend products
Stories are the perfect way to recommend products to your followers. If you’re lucky enough to have the ‘swipe up’ feature, you could link directly to products and make some money through affiliate marketing. Sharing photos of products you’ve bought or things that you’re loving this week will help you show off your amazing style. It can even help others discover items they might never have found otherwise! 

Instagram is the perfect platform for people who love fashion. As a fashion blogger, you can create all kinds of content that can showcase your great style, while also discovering incredible content from others. Instagram stories add to the fun, and can help you boost your following too. Remember that Instagram can be a consuming platform, so try to stay positive on Instagram and just enjoy it.