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5 Easy, Healthier Food Swaps to Make

Most people are continually on the trail of trying to eat as healthy as possible. Our bodies need the right nourishment, but at times, most people can be guilty of a bad food habit or two. Putting your food focus on nourishing your body and making swaps in your diet, so you are eating as well as possible. Improving your diet to make healthier choices will help you explore possibilities and maybe even introduce you to your next favourite food!

How can you swap to a healthier, more nutritious diet?

Salads no longer need to be boring. In fact, the only limit to a healthy salad is your imagination and, of course, taste buds. Why not try a greek salad dressing recipe to add some flavour to your greek salad. What about trying a superfood salad consisting of all your superfoods such as kale, spinach, beetroot, broccoli and more. Add in seeds, pine nuts and herbs to add texture and flavour and don't forget protein can give your salad a healthy boost.

Roasted Vegetables
Chop up your vegetables as if they were homemade chips, drizzle with olive oil and lightly season. Pop them in the oven as a tasty alternative to chips for a nutritious meal any time of the day. Try using strips of carrot, parsnips, zucchini and other root vegetables; all tossed in a pan. Remember, you want them to have a little bit of a crunch, so you may need to slightly boil them first to get a soft texture with a crispy outside. 

2 Ingredient Desserts
Remove all the sugar and processed food from your dessert and indulge your sweet tooth with some quick and easy 2 ingredient desserts that taste nice and are good for you. Try banana coconut cookies, Nutella and Coconut Fudge pop, chocolate blueberry bark using blueberries and dark chocolate or banana pancakes using only bananas and eggs.

Greek Yoghurt
Greek yoghurt is a great addition to any diet. Not the Greek-style yoghurt but the real deal. It is full of protein, and as such, it makes a great snack as it keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

Bell Peppers 
Bell peppers are a great food to introduce to your diet. They can be eaten in various ways, and people are even using them to replace bread for 'sandwiches'. Eat them raw with salads or snack on with some hummus, roast them or grill them and use as a burger bun or a hot but healthy filling. Eat with cream cheese or stuffed with whatever filling you choose.

The main thing to remember when making healthier food swaps is that any changes you make, you need not to be sustainable. Forcing yourself to eat food you do not like or enjoy won't benefit you in the long run. As such, make sure any changes you make are increased over time. Create good food habits, and before you know, one small change leads to two and then three and so on with minimal effort on your part.