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Your Guide To Grown Up Dinner Parties In 2020

Dinner parties can be a great, relaxed way for friends to catch up - but it can feel like an ‘old persons’ thing to do, or even something that rich people do, not regular people! That couldn’t be further from the truth - having friends or family over for dinner is something everybody can do, and it doesn’t need to be too much hassle, or expensive. Here are some pointers that will help you to throw your own grown up dinner party in 2020:

Be Choosy About Who You Invite
You don’t need to invite people out of obligation. Make sure you invite people who you really want there and who you think will enrich the atmosphere. Not everybody needs to know one another, but you should think about who will get on with who!

Pick A Theme
Picking a theme can make it really fun to cook and decorate your dinner party. Mexican nights can be a lot of fun, but of course you have so many more choices.

Make Something You’re Going To Be Confident Cooking Whatever you decide to cook, make sure you’re going to be confident. It shouldn’t be something brand new to you, full of ingredients that you’ve never used before. You should at least be familiar with what you’re making or you could end up forcing your guests to sit through dinner with fake smiles plastered on their faces as they feed your plants whenever your back is turned. If you’re cooking a meat based dish then make sure you look for high quality cuts from places like You can tell the difference and it’s definitely worth investing when you’re throwing a dinner.

Set The Scene
Set the scene to your dinner party with music, candles, and a well set table. Pets should be kept well away from the table and the food to avoid any mishaps. The last thing you want is for someone with an allergy to have a bad time, or for someone to find a hair in their dinner.

When Guests Arrive, Be Prepared To Entertain
You shouldn’t have to do too much cooking once your guests have arrived, so make sure you time everything well. You should be able to start entertaining once they have arrived!

Decide What You’re Drinking
When it comes to what to start drinking, choose something that will go with the food. Read labels carefully to ensure what you buy is going to go down well at the same time as the food. To avoid spending a fortune, ask people to bring a little something of their own, too. You'll almost certainly run out of things to drink if you try to buy enough for everyone on your own.

Have Entertainment For Afterwards
Don’t just think about the dinner, make sure you think about the entertainment afterwards, too. Make sure you have games, something to watch, or something else exciting - people will get tired of the sound of their own voices after a while!