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Fashion: 5 Styling tips for the 2020 tie dye trend

Tie-dye has made its 2020 come back this Spring and Summer. Yep, it's officially a trend. So, you'll have probably seen some tie-dye pieces whilst you're doing your online browsing. But, how to wear it? Here are a few of our, Oh! Ducky, styling tips to get the creative ball rolling, by Rosa Fairfield.

Photographs by David Smith 

Get a bit arty
Is it just me or does tie-dye just give off those arty vibes? Well, my normal t-shirts do end up looking like this after I've been wearing them to paint in, all day. I'm joking but that's also kind of true. I'm a messy artist, what can I say.

Anyhoo, you can really play into the arty effect by mixing prints and using bright colours. You could even give your outfit a grunge-arty vibe by wearing your tie-dye tee with baggy pieces or even a pair of paint splattered dungarees. Give into your imagination and see where it takes you. 

Try a classic look 
If cute and creative isn't your jam, try styling your outfit in a classic way. Some style bloggers are wearing their tie-dye tees underneath blazers or wearing tie-dye jeans with a smart shirt. So, if you want to make your outfit sophisticated and polished, give this look a go. After all, style is all about taking a fashion trend and making it your own. 

Make your own 
Oh look, we eased into this point nicely. You don't have to settle with making it your own, you could also make your own. See what I did there? Ha, Ha. I'm the master of terrible half jokes. (If this was Instagram there would be a cheeky monkey emoji here 🙈.) But, yep, tie-dye clothes are pretty easy and a lot of fun to make. So, if you're got some old t-shirts, you can get creative instead of throwing them away. There are plenty of YouTube videos to help you along, so no excuses. 

Give a nod to the 80s 
Whenever I mention tie-dye, my mother starts telling me all about how she used to wear it back in her day. The 80s are a great era to look to for to fashion inspiration. It was bold decade filled with colour and neon. The 80s were also great, in my opinion, because they saw the come back of 50s shirt dresses and Edwardian style tops, that fill our modern day vintage shops. 

Try full on tie-dye 
Another bit of outfit inspiration I love, is the head-to-toe tie-dye effect. You can a match a tie-dye tee with a tie-dye denim jacket and tie-dye jeans. And, if tie-dye written so many times in that sentence didn't inspire you, I don't know what will. But, yep, the head-to-toe look is great if you want to create an alternative vibe.

So, there you have it, five possible ways to style your tie-dye. Hopefully you'll have lots of fun getting creative with this colourful trend.