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Fashion & Style: How to wear jogging bottoms like a fashionista

With this lengthy stay-at-home period, you've probably found yourself in joggers a lot more than you normally would. But, how do you style them and should joggers only be worn around the house. Well, this Oh! Ducky Darling guide we have your questions answered, by Rosa Fairfield.

Pictures by Linda Smith

Crop Tops
If you want to show off your figure, then go for a crop top because wearing a long tee will drown your body shape out. So, yep, on the opposite end, if you want to smooth out your lumps and bumps wear a baggy t-shirt with them.

Crop tops are a lot of fun and can also turn a loungewear look into a causal outdoors outfit. They just give off those 90s vibes too.

Roll them up
This is the great thing about buying elasticated leg like theses. Yep, okay, so it stops them dragging on the floor but it also allows you to be a bit more versatile with them. You can easily roll them up to different lengths and get the to stick. That's great if they're a little bit creased too and you can't be bothered to iron them. Rolling them up adds to that slouchy baggy affect.

If you have a hour glass figure, rolling them up can work well for you. If you wear the crop top and show a bit of ankle. It allows you to rock those curves and hide your thigh area.

Fun accessories
Wearing joggers gives you more options to be a little wacky. You can wear socks with a funky pattern  or decorated sneakers. You could even add in a brightly patterned jacket. So, yeah, you can try out all those things that you wouldn't normally wear with your best pants or your midi skirt.

If you add in those accessories, it also moves it away from your adverage around the house look, to more shopping around your local supermarket.

Make them look less basic 
Kinda what I was saying above, but move away from the basic. Joggers don't just have to mean a plain nondescript outfit. Don't just write off the look as longuewear, instead put as much effort into styling them as you would any other outfit. Don't forget to throw any of the stigma surrounding wearing casual wear outdoors out the window.

They're especially great with summer on it's way, as the season is all about bright fun colours and days lazing outdoors.

Play around with colour or customise them
Don't just stick to neutral colours, play around with brights, like this pink pair. Joggers are also easily customisable because they're cheap and an easy material to work with. This is especially great if you have some old joggers that you no longer wear, you can give them a refresh by customising them. To make them more fun, you could add some embroidered patches or beads etc and sew onto them. That way, your outfit will be completely unique to you.

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