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Style: How to wear a maxi dress with

The maxi-dress. Log onto social media and you'll probably see a tall looking women, standing in a desert, looking effortlessly boho. But, how do you make a maxi dress work for you (if you're not super tall and you don't live next to a desert)? Well, now you can, by following our top 5 tips, with Feelingirldress, by Rosa Fairfield.


Think about height 
Maybe it's just me, but being very much on the short side, the word 'maxi dress' kinda freaks me out. They can look really good on petite girls, though, and even make you look taller. Of all the different maxi-dress styles I've tried, I've found the one that works best with my petite frame is a floaty, open bottom style paired up with some heels. Taller girls can really work that ankle length style and look great in bodycon numbers.

Think about the cut 
I'm not overly a fan of: dress for your body shape. I think if someone likes the look of something, they should be free to give it a go without worrying about it looking good. That being said, It can be satisfying to find a dress that works well with your figure. You can go in two different directions when dressing for body shape. Either, compensate for it or show it off. If you have a rectangular shape, you could show off your lean figure with a dress that has a straight cut, like the leaf print dress. Or, you could try to create curves by adding a push up bra and a tight fitting belt, as seen with the dark blue ruffle sleeve dress. A long sleeves maxi dress, like this one, can be great if you feel insure about your arms.

Think about footwear 
There are so many different footwear options that can look good with maxi dresses. One of the more recent trends being: wearing sneakers. This is great for a comfy summer look, and white trainers with a colourful dress can compliment each other well. Sliders are also a popular choice. For a more formal look, you can add some heels. If stilettos aren't your thing, you can try a wedge heel for more of a beach vibe, add in a straw bag and you're good to go.

Try adding a belt
As mentioned earlier, belts can be great for showing off your figure. They can also make for a versatile outfit, as you can really change up the look of a dress by adding in a belt. Have a play around with colour too. Wearing accessories in a similar colour and texture can create a great visual effect.

There are so many different types of maxi-dress out there. Don't get stuck in the habit of buying ones that look exactly the same. A great way to experiment is: trying out different patterns. If colour scares you, try a black dress with a colourful print. This will subtly brighten up your outfit in an instant. Also, look to the runway for inspiration, it can offer you ideas of different ways to wear things. You can find a cheap maxi dress. If it's something new for you to try, you don't want to break the bank.