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Fashion & Style: How to wear a party dress without looking slutty

First off, I hate the word slutty, it's one of those words without a male equivalent. In a perfect world it really wouldn't exist and we'd all be non-judgmental and do our own thing etc etc. It's unfortunately not that world. If I was being more accurate with my language, I'd say 'how to make a party dress look fun and cute instead of conventionally alluring... but that's a bit of a mouthful. 

Words and photographs by Rosa Fairfield

Fun accessories
You can swap the traditional sparkly clutch bag for a novelty handbag to add a bit of quirkiness to your look. That's a pretty quick and easy way to go from conventional party outfit to something a little bit different. Satin Dresses look particularly great with novelty gothic handbags. It also has the bonus of having way more room in it, you might even be able to slip in a pair of flats so you don't have to do the painful walk home in heels. Even better, you could sneak in your own drink if it's an expensive place. Joking of course. Shh. I didn't just say that.

90s vibes 
Maybe this one is just me, but strap-y dresses were so much of a trend in the 90's, that I just think going all 90's with them makes so much sense. I dunno, they just seemed to work in the 90s and people made them look like an everyday closet staple and not just a party dress.

Chose a funky dress
I like this one because it's so fun and sparkly, it instantly screams party... but it screams, I want to have fun at this party and not have someone try and suck my face off (unless it's Dracula and I get to become a vampire). So, Glitter Dresses can be so much fun. I think neutral colours say conventional but if you go for something a bit more out-there you can lighten the mood and say no to stereotypical beauty standards... kind of.

Think about hair and make-up 
It's surprising how much of a difference your hair and make-up can make. Going for a subtle foundation and less contouring can soften down an evening look, making it look a bit more cute and less flirty... if that's your thing. On the other hand a bold coloured eyeshadow can add a bit of fun to a look and a quirky edge. You can leave your hair looking styled natural to add a casual vibe to the look... or you could experiment with a fun hairstyle, like two buns... be that manic pixie dream girl you've always wanted to be.

It's all in the shoes 
Shoes... they have many uses... such as stopping stones from digging into your feet as your walk along the pavement (if your shoes are good ones of course). They can also make an outfit look cute and drastically change the style of a look. Flat shoes can make an outfit seem cute and preppy or beach-y... whereas heels can look more glam. Flat shoes can look glam to of course, if you go for polished brogues.

Silver Glitter Dress