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Style & Fashion: How to get the '90s look with a modern twist

From sleek and stylish to cool grunge, here at Oh! Ducky Darling, we feel that the '90s have it all. That's why we've created this seven step guide for looking your '90s best... with an added modern twist, of course. So, read along and we'll have you looking like Racheal Green in no time at all, by Rosa Fairfield.

Photographs by David Smith

Oversized Open Tees
This is a great way to make an outfit look casual. You can adopt a more modern look by wearing a plain shirt in a bright colour like this one. Alternatively, you could go for the classic checkered flannel shirt if you want to embody more of the classic '90s grunge style. That look would work best with grey, dark green or red colours. You could add in some chunky boots and fishnet tights to complete the grunge look. 

When I think of the 90's, I think of Mulder and Scully from the x-files wearing those slightly oversized rounded spectacles. The '90s were also well-know for the very stretched, narrow sunglasses in fun colours. So yeah, if you want to add a bit of a '90s vibe to your outfit, glasses are the way to go about it.

Simple Block Colours
The '90s tends to be either associated with the check print or very basic, paired-back block colours, like this dress. So, yep, if you wanna get the '90s look the easiest way to go about it... is well, just keep it simple. This could be as basic and a pair of mom jeans and a crop top. You don't need to push the boat out to get the vibe.

The Slip Dress
From metallic to nude-coloured, the slip dress was a popular addition in the '90s... they normally have thin straps like this one. This trend is particularly good because it can be made to look casual as well as being a great evening look. Pick a black loose fitting slip dress, and pair it with combat boots and a flannel top for the grunge daytime look. Then you have something like this little number to party in of the evening. Slip Dresses also make great Christmas Party Dresses with the holiday season around the corner.

Rachael from Friends - Winona Ryder - Drew Barrymore
If you're looking to people for '90s fashion inspo, make sure you do a search of young Winona Ryder and Drew Barrymore. Their '90s style was on point and they will offer you some great inspiration. You can also look at what Rachael Green (aka every '90s girl's icon) is wearing in the early seasons of Friends.

Messy Hair 
Hair was a bit more laid back in the '90s, compared to the super polished bouncy curls we associate with the days of today. So, yeah, there's no need to make your hair look super polished. Either leave it to look natural or alternatively, you can add some loose messy waves.

The Chocker
These came back in style sometime around last year. I remember when I was little, anyone who was anyone had one of these. You can turn any necklace into a chocker really, simply just tie the excess string or chain at the back so it's tight around your neck.

 Cream Bodycon Dress  Pink Shirt Dress