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Fashion & Style: How to wear bright colours

Black may well be the go-to colour but why not liven up your closet with a splash... or whole paint tub of colour. Romwe are a fun, young brand that have a variety of colourful pieces, you can head over there to do your shopping and then read the article to find out how to do the styling, words by Rosa Fairfield.

Photographs by Linda Smith

Don't mix too many colours
I think that three colours per outfit is the perfect number really. The key with patterns is to make sure the colour runs through the outfit. If I was being savvy with my outfit in the pictures, I would have included a black bag to match up the shoes. Alternatively, with solid colours, the colour blocking look works nicely if you have a separate contrasting colour for each part of the outfit.

Don't be timid 
You'll see lots of articles that tell you to start out by just adding a pop of colour. Honestly though, just jump straight in. The louder the better and just push yourself right out of your comfort zone. I think sometimes you have to take the leap of faith and just choose a mix of the boldest colours that you can find.

Try out brights 
That brings me to brights, there's no better way to cheer up the day than by wearing bright clothing. It always makes me smile when I see brightly coloured houses, it lifts the mood. I also find that bright colours make people seem easier to approach, it makes you think the person is friendly. Yellow is a particularly great bright colour to go for if you have dark hair. Red or blue is great for blonde hair and green works well with red hair.

Add a little pattern 
I talked about this earlier but pattern is a really great way to add colour to an outfit and it gives you an already generated colour scheme. The pattern normally contains two or three colours. That means you can then stick with those colours and add them to different parts of the outfit. Patterns can also break-up the main colour and make the outfit look less overpowering.

Wear a smile
The greatest accessory a person can wear is a smile, I think that's a quote from somewhere. Anyway, bright colours bring about happy thoughts so show that on your face. They shouldn't even be reserved for summer either, they can brighten up a gloomy day and so can your smile. So wear it and be proud and confident, that way you'll wear the colour, instead of it wearing you... I think that's also a quote from somewhere.

Thank-you for listening to my endless ramblings again, I felt like I should do a recent post on colour though, as I feel like colour is my thing. You can shop the dress by clicking on the picture bellow, or find more fun pieces on the Romwe website.

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