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5 Ways To Rock Your Cruise Ship Photos

Image Source: Unsplash

Taking photos on your cruise offers an innovative way for you to share your trip. When heading off on a cruise, it’s natural to pack your camera and smartphone to capture the experience. Here are our top tips for getting your photos just right.

1. The Golden Hour
There are two golden hours a day - sunset and sunrise. This is the perfect time to snap pictures. The lighting tends to be more flattering on people and also adds a creative flair to the water.

2. Ditch The Flash
Whether you’re photographing your family on cheap short cruises from Brisbane, the actual ship, or even the landscape, look for ways to make good use of natural light, Rather than using your camera’s flash. Lamps and lights can also provide stunning light to make photos pop. Flashes tend to be harsh, and when they’re not used properly, your photos can come out looking over-exposed.

Image Source: Pexels

3. Look Up To The Clouds
When you’re out on open waters, you’ll see vast blue ocean. Of course, this makes for greats shots, but you need a little variety. Look up! Clouds are the perfect, ever-changing subjects. They add a fantastic element to your photos and can change colours depending on the different times of the day. Have fun with the clouds as they move, capture them in proportion to the water, and simply experiment for creative results.

4. Shoot The Food
The food is one of the best parts of cruising. Take this chance to improve your food photography skills by taking shots of the delicious selections on the ship. It’s not every day you get amazingly plated dishes on par with fine dining, so take photos! When taking pictures of food, take a side angle or straight down shot and for drinks, shoot up and down. If you’re photographing plates of food, or even an opulent buffet, go for landscape shots that truly show off the divine and mouth-watering options on offer.

5. Bask In The Sunlight
If you’re shooting at high noon, when the sun is at its highest point, you’ll deal with some serious shadows. On a cruise, this time of day is usually when the fun stuff happens, so you have to keep your camera close by. For the best results, make sure the sun is on you and your subject’s face. If the sun is behind you, providing backlighting, you’ll just come out as a giant shadow and you’re sure to be disappointed with the results.

Image Source: Unsplash

For some people, a cruise is a once in a lifetime trip, so capturing each moment is the perfect way to make memories. With the above 5 tips, you can rock your cruise photography and go home with incredible images of your journey, the food and everything in between. The most important point to remember is lighting - make sure your pictures pop rather than come out like shadows, and you’ll be golden!