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5 ways to help you to find your personal style

Want to figure out your personal style but haven't got a clue where to begin? Well, here's five tips to start you off on the road to developing a cohesive look. It'll stop you from blending into the background and help you show off just what makes you... well, you, by Rosa Fairfield.

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You know, in almost every interview I've done, I've been asked to describe my personal style. At this, I normally just tend to look around blankly. Like, how on earth am I meant to know what my person style is? It got me thinking about different ways to help people discover it and this is what I came up with (cue me making some dramatic hand gesture and claiming I'm going on a journey):

What's your trademark?
We all have those little quirks that make us unique, what's yours?

Do you really like to wear sunglasses? Do you have a colour you particularly love? A way you enjoy styling your hair?

You can take a quality about yourself and turn it into a trademark, so people recognise you for it. If you like sunglasses, always wear them when you're outdoors. Love the colour pink? Always have a pop of pink in your outfit.

What would you wear if you were the only person left on earth?
I've heard too many people say something along the lines of:

'Do you think I look good in this.'

It's kinda sad but style has a tendency to become all about fitting in. As great as it is to feel like you fit in somewhere, can anyone truly like you if you constantly lie about who you are?

Who are you?
It's so difficult to develop a personal style if you don't have a strong understanding of your self-identity. I can vouch for that, it's the reason why I keep on changing between styles. I think this links back to the past point, we often lose our sense of self when we're too concerned with how others view us. Look back at your childhood as that's normally who you were in your purest, least conditioned form.

What do you feel comfortable in?
A good place to start figuring out your personal style is by looking at the things you find comfortable. This can be a strong indicator of what... you know, of what you like. It's like, if you hate the taste of pizza... you don't like pizza. Same as... if wearing heels makes you want to claw your eyes out... you probably don't like them and shouldn't wear them. (I feel that this is the perfect place for the shrugging shoulders emoji.)

Experiment, try as many options as possible
I don't even mean with style. I just mean, go out... try all those hobbies you've always had an interest in. Just do stuff and you'll start to figure out what you like and that influences your personal style. Like, if you get really into going to the gym, you might adopt more sporty clothing.