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Styling Tips & Fashion: How to pull off a young California girl style

Have you ever scrolled through Pinterest or Tumblr and seen lots of young girls look super cool standing my palm tress? They seem to have this effortless causal look but no matter how hard you try you can never nail it on the head. Well, here are my top five tips for helping you to pull off the style.

Photographs and words by Rosa Fairfield 

Right, so how can you pull off the California girl vibe? Here are my tips:

Crop top alert
If you wanna rock casual fun-in-the-sun chic, I'd deffo recommend adding some crop tops to your closet. They're my go-to, as they're fun, figure hugging and flimsy (A.K.A great for the warm weather). They're also just a bit more interesting in shape than your average t-shirt and you can get them in all sorts of fun designs. Especially good for short girls, I mean they practically look like a full length top on me anyway and fit better than your average tee.

A casual mess
The key to perfecting Cali chic is finding that 'natural' look... but natural as in getting your hair to look the perfect level of beach-y tousled. It's that seemingly impossible balance, where people look oh-so-natural but it clearly takes them multiple products and hours to look like that and no matter how hard you try to recreate it... you can never seem to pull it off. That look... if you know what I mean?

Boho girly vs skater girl 
There's different types of Cali girl style. The girly-er vibe tends to be more boho with gypsy looking dresses, boots and slight western vibes. Then you've got the cute 'skater girl' look with perfect fitting tees and mom jeans. 

Flat shoes 
They add to the laid back vibes... with flip flops or tennis shoes and sneakers. You know what, I walked around the whole of London yesterday in heels. My feet felt like they were on fire when I got back home. I literally crawled up to bed because I couldn't walk on them anymore. Honestly, any excuse is a good excuse to wear more comfortable footwear. Hell, there doesn't even need to be an excuse... just do it.

Be a high-waister not a hipster
This means opting for high-waisted skirts or pants. They add some definition to the waist and add to the whole young and free vibe. Also, gotta say that it's more comfortable and slouchy to wear pieces with a high waist, especially good for the heat as you don't have to worry about things clinging to your legs.

What's your style? Are you a girly girl too or into more of a sporty chic vibe?

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