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Style & Fashion: 5 tips for making a fashion statement with Dropship Clothes

I had just put this Dropship Clothes dress on, was about to leave the house... and I stopped. Was I really making the most out of my outfit choices by just wearing a dress pretty much in the same way as it was displayed on the website stock photo? I knew I could put some more creativity into it than that so I went back to the drawing board. Here's some tips on how you too can add some creativity into your closet, by Rosa Fairfield.

Photographs by Linda Smith

Think about the tailoring
This doesn't mean having to find the perfect fitting outfit because sometimes that can be near impossible. There are a few tricks you can do though to make an outfit fit better. For example, I added a safety pin in the middle of this dress and then wrapped the dresses belt around it. 

You can experiment with using ribbons to tie certain sections, or wearing items in different ways. That brings me to my next point.
Think outside the box
You don't just have to wear an item of clothing as is and you're probably not going to push boundaries that way. Mix it up. Wear pieces in different ways. Experiment with layering, where your shirt back to front... use a pair of tights as a belt. The possibilities really are endless you just need to play around with this. It's the difference between making a statement and looking like every other person you pass on your way to the grocery store.

Add your own personality
I've always believed a person's clothing should reflect who they are. It's a tricky one really though. How do you show your personality through your clothing? I think there's two approaches to dressing. You can either try to dress to look your best or you can dress to wear the clothes that catch your eye. These aren't materially exclusive but I find that when you focus more on the second option, that's when your personality starts to shine through.

Go bold
I read some comment the other day about how people dress to try to blend in with people around them. To fit in. Meh. Okay, so fitting in is over-rated. I always like to think of it like this. Would the people around me still like me if I wasn't 'one of them'. If the answer is no, then they don't really like me, they just like a version of me. So, think bold, think crazy... think...

Throw the rule book out of the window, stamp on it and then burn it in a large fire
Rebellious. You know all those silly little rules like... don't wear this, wear that. All those things? Erase them from your mind. Your better than that. As the saying goes... no one changed the world by following the rules (I've actually not no idea if that's true or not). The point is, go with your instincts. If you want to wear that pink spotted top, tasseled bag... tweed suit, plain white tee and jeans. Then do it. Do whatever you like.

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