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Style & Life: Christmas 2018 activity ideas & bucket list

With Christmas fast approaching, here are a few activity ideas to get you in the mood for the festive season. From fairy lights to cosy log cabin we (A.K.A just me) have got everything covered. This post is lovingly written by Rosa Fairfield (A.K.A again me) and the pictures were taken by Linda Smith. 

Christmas market
I'd really like to go to one of the ones abroad... I always see them in the travel books each year and they look so good! I never really buy anything but I love the Christmas-y feeling I get at night, walking around one with the sparkly lights.

Yeah, my version of ice-skating is holding onto the side and screaming. I kinda hate ice-skating, it really freaks me out and I get scared someone will knock me over. On the other hand, I've always had this daydream of being super cute and festive-y... having ice-skating fun with friends... or a date.

Eating lots of Christmas food
A.K.A my favorite thing about Christmas, November begins and suddenly everything I eat is cranberry flavored. I kinda wish we could just have Christmas food all-year-round.

Craft making 
I really used to love making my own Christmas cards or even doing something simple like making snowflakes. It's so much fun and can really get you into the festive spirt. It also gives you the satisfaction of achieving something.

Visiting a snowy destination
I'm planning on visiting Norway again this year. I'd never been to a winter holiday destination before but I had so much fun. Yeah, I don't like the cold but everything looks so beautiful covered in a blanket of white.

Warm blankets, hot drinks & fairy lights
Talking about blankets... that was such a good lead in, haha. Sometimes you don't have to do anything big and life-changing. It's just nice to snuggle in a warm blanket with some cute lights. This all sounds very hygge.

Driving around houses with lights
I remember doing this when I was younger. They'd be this street we'd drive around and all the houses would be completely lit up, I was always in absolute awe of it.

Dance around to christmas songs
This one also doubles as a work-out :P ... it's so much more fun than actually working out though. One of my favorites, at the moment, is to stick Jingle Bell Rock on and let the Charleston overtake me.

Go to a cosy log cabin
This one is another little dream of mine. I'd love to live in a little log cabin in some deserted forest area. I could go outside and chop wood around Christmas. I think it's a little bit of a Hunger Games fantasy.

Sit by the fire 
I always used to sit by the fire and warm my hands, when I was little... then my parents got rid of the fire. I think this one is a little bit incorporated into my log cabin fantasy.