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How to Recapture the Joy of Christmas as an Adult

When you are a young child, the thought of Christmas Day approaching fills you up with so much excitement you think you might just bubble over with the anticipation. As a millennial, you will now be all grown up and sadly, probably don’t feel the same rush of excitement that you used to when thinking about the festive season, but there is some good news.

Christmas can be for adults too!

That’s right; you can still enjoy all the fun and celebrations as if you were a child but with the added bonus of being able to do it on your own terms with your best friends and partner. To help you rediscover how to make Christmas bright and beautiful again, here are some of the top tips for you.

Find a bit of magic

To begin with, if you are going to attempt to enjoy Christmas again like when you were a child, it really is a case of go big or go home! Get yourself over to the Ticket Sale website and find the biggest, glitteriest, most sparkly festive show you can and get a group of friends together to go and watch it.

A popular choice is Disney on Ice as not only will you get to see some cool ice dancing, but Disney really does transcend age and can be enjoyed whether you’re three or ninety-three.

Hosting a Christmas Party (for grown-ups)

Of course, a Christmas party is always something that was going to be on the cards as an adult trying to rekindle a love for the holidays. The great thing about hosting a party now as opposed to when you were a child is twofold. It is never past bedtime, and you get to drink booze!

The first thing you have to do is to find a theme that is going to be fun for all your guests to participate in. A classic is Santa’s workshop or Lapland, but if you are working on a budget, there is an even better idea. Go down to your local dollar store and buy up as much tinsel and tape as you can to line every wall, table, and window with sparkles and call it ‘Tinsel Town.’

If you’re going to have a proper party, why not make some of these Christmas jello shot recipes to impress your guests and have a blast.

Walk on the wild side

Who says that sledding is just for kids? Even if you live somewhere that doesn’t have natural snowfall; there are plenty of places where you can pay a little bit of money and go down their slopes that are covered in artificial snow. The real secret is that sledding is even more fun as an adult because you are truly able to appreciate how utterly hilarious it is with your closest friends.

Christmas isn’t just for kids, and with these ideas, you can reclaim the holidays for yourself and have the time of your life.