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Self-Help: 5 Social Media Tips for Introverts

I'm a bit weird because I tend to be more of an outgoing introvert but I definitely still struggle with socializing and I do think social media puts a lot of pressure on people who fall more onto the introvert scale. Anyway, here are my tips for handling it, by Rosa Fairfield

Photographs by Linda Smith


Work yourself up to it
When I first started reading blogs, I just observed at first and got comfortable with how the whole thing works. It sounds silly now, but when I first commented on a blog post it was a really big deal for me, I worked up a lot of courage. Once you get that first hurdle over with, in some ways it gets easier.

Take breaks when you need them
I think it's easy to get overwhelmed by social media and that doesn't even have to be in an anxious way. It can be in a, a lot of people are talking to me and leaving comments and that's good but it's a lot to take in... way. If ever you're feeling overwhelmed though. It's good to just have a time out. I normally have one day a week where I'm not online and you shouldn't feel guilty about needing that.

Follow your impulses
I know when I think about networking and socializing I instantly panic, like arh, I can't do it, I'm not good enough. When I just take a step back though and let it come naturally at my own comfort level it works. Like, i'll normally end up chatting to people about my films etc because I'm genuielly just passionate about them, I'm not trying to actively network but I normally end up finding people to collaborate with in that way.

Think of it as a game
It sounds weird but if you treat social media a bit like one of those virtual world games and less like socializing it helps sometimes. Like, saying to yourself, okay, the challenge for today is leaving as many nice comments on people's posts as possible and as a reward I'll make someone happy and maybe gain a few extra comments myself. I mean, it sounds detached but sometimes it helps to remove your head from it for a while.

Do what's right for you
There is this massive pressure on people theses days to get and maintain all these different social media accounts. I think you have to take it with a pinch of salt though. If you only want to post every month or only have one account on one platform or not to have any social media accounts at all. You do you.

I hope this kinda makes sense and is helpful. Thanks for reading. I also want to make it clear that I'm not saying that only introverts struggle with social media, anyone can find it difficult and maybe this can be helpful to other people too. You know, stop sticking people into boxes and all.