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Travel: An Instagram Guide to Toronoto, Canada

Thinking about visiting Toronto? Well, if you're looking to take photos of pretty things... or pose by pretty things, then this guide is for you. If you're thinking about traveling somewhere and you want to take pretty photos, well the Toronto is for you. It's a colorful, creative city with a great cultural mix to explore, words and photographs by Rosa Fairfield.

Canadian National Exhibition
Basically, this is like an American State Fair and totally awesome. It takes place on the 18 days leading up to Labour Day. I walked there from the main downtown area, it took me around 50 minutes and it cost me $20 to get inside. There was so so so much food to try, which is kinda the main reason to go to the fair. It was also a really great place to take lots of different photos, with the colors, and there was a view of the CN Tower. They had a bunch of shows on each day, I managed to catch the dog show, light show and the waterskiing show and they were good quality, entertaining 30 minutes events.


Financial District
It's nice to walk around this area and have a little explore. It's great for taking cityscapes and every now and again you come across a fun art installation. There are also fun colorful seats dotted around and fun little games. It also looks really pretty lit up of the night.

Sugar Beach
This is the must-snap Instagram photo. It just looks so visually pleasing with the rows of pink umbrellas. It's a small little beach area. To be honest, some of the chairs are a bit broken and it's a little run down. It's still a nice place to have a little sit down and relax.

Distillery District
There's this medium-sized arty shopping area here. Lots of slightly quirky shops. I'd say it's a upmarket hipster area, perfect for bloggers. There's all these pretty little pieces of art work that people were posing and having their pictures taken. It's extremely busy though and you have to fight to get a good shot. 

Queens St W
This was my personal favorite. It's deffo the funky hipster area of Toronto. There's lots of shops along the street, a mixture of off-beat and mainstream. There's lots of awesome graffiti you can take pictures of and by too. It's just a nice area to walk through, I thought. It reminds me a bit of Brooklyn or Camden. They also named it Queer St W for Pride. 

My favorite place for Ice-Cream was Sweet Jesus. I went there nearly everyday. On the first day, I made an epic mistake of ordering the regular size. The kids size is honestly big enough and way cheaper. I also tried Bang Bang Ice-Cream, known for its ice-cream sandwiches. They have a great range of cookies and ice-cream flavors to choose from. It's kinda tricky though because you have to make a decision quickly and there are so many options.

Chicken & Waffles
I tried The Dirty Bird Chicken + Waffles. It cost a bit more than I normally wood pay, around $17 but it was so so good and the meal was so so big. I'd deffo recommend giving it a go. I also went to Cluck Clucks. This was cheaper. I think it came to around $13 and it had a larger variety of options with boneless chicken. Also, South St. Burger have a great veggie burger.

CN Tower
This is like that tourist must-do thing. It was kinda expensive. It's really nice to see the view from up the top. Everything is glassed off though so it's tricky to get a really get photograph. I think sticking to the first level is just as good as going up to the skypod. It doesn't really allow you to see anything different. You can walk around the very edge and hang off in a harness but it costs a lot of money.

Toronto Islands
You can go across to the Islands on the ferry. It costs around about $8 for a return and you get to see a great view of Toronto. There's also a park there, which is nice to relax in. There's not much else there though. I'd recommend going if you're looking for a break from city life. 


Niagara Falls
You can take a tour from Toronto to Niagara. It is one of those impressive once in a lifetime experiences. We ended up packed on a boat, surrounded by people in red ponchos. On a tour you don't really get that much time to explore everything that's there. I'd recommend hiring a car, if that's possible for you. There's also a street there, with all different amusements and American restaurants, a bit like a theme park. It was really cool to see it.

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