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Lifestyle: Air tracks for Gymnastics, Cheerleading & Parkour

I loved gymnastics when I was a kid, we had a few classes on it in school and then I joined a cheerleading club in my spare time. I mean, I was never really any good at it but I thought it was so much fun. When I went to university, I was planning on joined a cheerleading team but nothing about university really went to plan for me. Listen to me talk about Wholesaleairtrack... an article brought to you by Rosa Fairfield.

Anyway, so wholesaleairtrack develop different kinds of air track products for athlete training, with 20 years of manufacturing experience and have been focused on air track for 9 years. The brand aims to create high-quality products so they're tested in a number of different ways before delivery. They also have a 2-year warranty on their products and have affordable prices.

The company prides itself on being one of the best air track brands, having many repeat customers and a good reputation. They also ship to many different areas around the world. Free shipping is given globally and they have a door-to-door service. Each air track comes with a special bag to help its transportation. 

You can use the mats for a number of different things... like: home use, gymnastics, cheerleading, parkour... it doesn't just have to be if you're looking to compete professionally. They can also come with a logo and name printed on them for free and they come in a variety of different colors and you can have complete customization of size, style and color.

Okay, so writing this article is really making me want to try doing some gymnastics again. At one point, I was trying to learn how to do a backflip. Someone in our class actually kinda managed to do it. I could do one assisted but I was never really able to do it on my own.

Back to talking about airtrack brands, I need to stop reminiscing about my school days competing in dance shows and stuff. The company (I found this really interesting to learn) have a two-step manufacturing process. The first part is shaping, they use superglue imported from South Korea - they want to make sure the track is totally flat without tilting.  Then the next thing they have to do is reinforce it. They use an edging strip and special film. (It probably makes me a super nerd but I love learning about how things are made.)

So, yep, thanks for reading this post, next time you see me I'll be a oymplic gymnastics campaign. Right... okay, so yep, that's probably never gonna happen because I'm too old now and don't really have the natural talent.

- This post is in cooperation with Wholesaleairtrack