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Style & Fashion: chamaripa elevator shoes wishlist

The brand chamaripa make a variety of different elevator shoes, both men's and women's. As a short girl, I'm kinda loving this. I'm always looking to give myself an extra bit of height but it kinda sucks walking in stilettos all the time... because you know, my feet hurt. Here's some more details about the shoes and my wishlist, by Rosa Fairfield.

It's not just us ladies that might be looking for some extra inches, they also make shoes for short men.  Basically, if you're a short person and want to feel like you're a bit taller this is the place for you to be. They also have so many different designs and boots as well as sneakers.


So, now I'm going to talk you through some of my favorite designs. All of them add an extra 7cm and the bunny shoes add 8cm. 

Number 1 - I love the color of these ones. They're so bright, the shape is also nice and will fit well to the foot. They have a sporty style so would be great for morning jogging... or jogging at anytime of the day really. Their upper material is made of elastic cloth/soft leather.

Number 2 - I love these so much. They're such a lovely shade of pink and the bunny-ears-style design is just super cute. These ones are totally my favorites. They're more of a fashion sneaker shape too so look a little more dressy than the others. The upper and lining material is leather.

Number 3 - These ones are a little more sleek and stylish with the black and metallic color combo. Again, these are a great style for running or walking long distances. The upper is leather and the lining is mesh cloth. They would also look great paired with a cute dress.

Number 4 - They are in a classic skater style shape. The design kinda brings back memories of being a kid and running around in fields. The flower details and sparkle jazz up the design a bit. These are non-slip and waterproof too, which is always a bonus.

Number 5 - Again, these have the skater shape. I'm loving the black heart print, it makes them a little more functioning then having parts attached to them. They would look super cute paired with denim shorts in the summer but you can wear them all year round (of course)

Number 6 - These ones have a super-sporty modern look to them. Again, I love the pink. Both the lining and the upper is made from elastic fabric. Again, these would look cool paired with a layered dress. I could see someone rocking that look at fashion week or something. 

Basically, elevator shoes have thickened sections of insoles under the heels, which help to increase height but it looks hidden on the outside so other people can't tell. They've replaced platformed shoes for men and the heel can be made of different materials like wood, plastic or rubber. So, yep, it's a really good idea if you want to look taller.