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Self-Help: Should we Live for the Future or Today

Are you really living if you're constantly waiting for tomorrow, next-week, a holiday etc etc, words by Rosa Fairfield, photos by Linda Smith

When I was about 16 or 17, I fell underneath a train. My legs were trapped and I couldn't get out. Luckily, a guy came and pulled me out before the train started moving again. I was thinking about this topic because sometimes it feels like we're all planning for, or worrying about some imaginary future when in reality none of that is guaranteed, only the current moment is. This is the part where some inspirational music should start playing and I go off on a mission to sail around the world or something.


Future vs Today 
What I mean by this little subheading is: should we have a list filled with life goals that we're working towards or just living to make sure we have the best day possible? I mean, I think it has to be a mix of the two. I think you can be working towards a goal but you have to be truly loving the steps you are taking to do that most days. But, if you're not enjoying working towards that goal most days then you probably aren't going to feel much happier when you achieve it, relieved maybe.

Living for money
I'm sorry, but money is just some little piece of paper or a number in some bank account somewhere, it really isn't all that important. I mean, I've known and seen people who are living on next to nothing who are happier than people with a nice large sum in their accounts. I think there's a difference between focusing on earning the money you need to live, or saving for a experience you've always wanted and making money for the sake of making money. It's not like you can take those extra bucks with you... and do you really need 10 different cars?

Putting things off
I have a tendency to do this, 'oh yeah, that's something I'd love to do one day'. Well, why can't that day be today? Okay, so maybe it might need to be next month, depending on how much planning that thing needs. I mean what's stopping you from doing it? Where there's a will, there's always a way to make it happen. Sometimes, the problem is that we all believe we have too much time so we're not really focused on actively making the stuff we want happen.

Unless you can see into the future, you don't really know what's going to happen... so there's no point in really worrying about it. I think worrying only really cements the putting-things-off-thing. When it all comes down to it, life doesn't have to be some massive race to be educated, to have a career, marriage, a family, money to retire etc. In reality, we're given a set amount of days on this earth and it's our job to decide how we want to spend each one of them, to live life to it's fullest, and that doesn't have to mean following the status quo.

Living with no regrets
I actually don't believe in the whole living life with no regrets thing. I've done and said things that I regret. Not in a, 'I'm being eaten alive by guilt the size of a thousand suns way' but a 'yep, I regret that' way. I don't think regret is anything to be afraid of, sometimes we just make bad decisions and it's okay to acknowledge that. Yes, do things, try things and instead of thinking of that cheesy and elusive, 'what if I just did that'. If you do have those things that you regret not doing, you can't go back in time... but you can find a way to somehow make it up to your present self. Oh no, I never started that blog I wanted to write! Okay then, let's do it now.

So, I challenge you to do one thing you've always wanted to do.