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CaseApp: The Curious Case of Rosa Fairfield

Go look at these cute cases that I designed, also there's a little about me section to get to know who the girl is that you're reading the words from.

Photographs etc by Rosa Fairfield.

I made these cases with CaseApp. I made the iPad one for my dad, with one of his favorite photographs. Then I made my iPhone case with one of my illustrations. I absolutely love customizing things and being creative, which is why I love CaseApp. You can put your own photos or designs on a case. What's cooler than that right?

The curious case of Rosa Fairfield

Once there lived a little girl with dark brown pigtails and bangs. She would create her own musicals (normally with a depressing theme like people being burnt alive) and get her teddy bears to perform them. The little girl loved her bears, especially putting them in lines and taking a register... she would rarely be seen without a bear. Sometimes, okay most times, she would dress them up and take their photograph (hey, maybe that's were her blogging thing came from?)

The little girl, became slightly less little... okay, only very slightly because she was always the smallest in her class. She loved her classes, had a talent for maths and science and attempted to join every after school club possible. 

Her downfall... or up-fall depending on how you look at her was love for inventing impulsive crazy schemes. These ranged from choreographing dances for her friends to perform, coding and designs websites... agreeing to stalk a boy with her friend because her friend wanted to date that boy. Hey, it worked and they did end up dating. Some of these got the little but not so little girl into trouble.  

She was always a little bit of a contraction because as much as she liked activities and the performing arts, she was also shy and people kinda scared her. Often being happy to hide at the back of the class and never raise her hand, even though she knew the answer to most questions. 

Suddenly she was all grown-up... but still kinda on the short side. University was filled with more crazy adventures, lots of rolling around on the fall and dancing in deserted (wish they were dessert-ed) roads with her best friend. There were more schemes, like making a TV show and a theatre performance (which turned out to be a complete disaster but lots of fun).

She lived in America for a while, and filmed a reality TV show in Cebu, before the incident of 2018. Rosa was on a trip to the desert to do some site-seeing when she was abducted by aliens. Miss Fairfield has sadly never been seen since. There's some speculation that she's integrated into an alien colony and is very happy there. That's the case of Rosa Fairfield, it's a strange one.


I just thought I'd take the opportunity to tell you a little bit more about myself, in story form of course because why not? I was trying to be cleaver and tie in the idea of cases?? 

The case is from CaseApp - use the code: OHDUCKYDARLING20 to get 20% off