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Where to get the Best Freebies and Discount Codes with Gratisfaction Uk

Want to live the blogger lifestyle of freebies and vouchers without, you know, actually having a blog? Well then, this post is definitely for you, by Rosa Fairfield.

Photographs by Rosa Fairfield, Linda Smith & Hanna Wakeford

I'll be casually sitting down somewhere, normally eating food and someone will approach me. We'll exchange names (whilst I'm looking uncomfortably around because I'm not great with meeting new people). Then they'll ask what job I do. I'll tell them I'm a blogger. Next minute, they'll be asking me all about the free stuff I get and how they can get that free stuff too. See, blogging is a lot of hard work and a 24/7 job so I wouldn't class anything I get as being 'free'.

However, if you are looking for  Freebies and discounts, then head over to Gratisfaction Uk. They have a variety of different freebies from beauty products to food. They also list flash bargains and voucher codes because who doesn't love a bit of money saving?

Here are some of my favourite offers:

The Star Wars T-Shirt
This is a referral deal for this month. You have to share a link around the internet and, if you get enough referrals, you get a super cute tee.

FREE Estee Lauder Night Serum 
This is an in-store offer but with a voucher you can get one of these for free.

Clinique Skincare Bundle
This one is a prize draw competition but by entering in your details you get a chance to win an amazing selection of Clinique goods. They're an amazing brand (in my opinion) and their products don't come cheap so it's a great one to enter into.

FREE Pizza Express Pizza
Give me all the food please. Okay, so I'm kinda hungry writing this post so I'm thinking about food. You can get a free pizza, if you download their app. Click the link above to find out more details if you are a pizza lover.

FREE Thorntons Chocolate Plaque
Yep, I'm deffo hungry and dreaming about all the chocolate... because who doesn't like chocolate? This one is another competition. If you win, you get personalised chocolate. This seems like a pretty good prize to me.

The site is constantly being updated so you can always find new deals and offers etc so it's worth checking out. When I was at university and completely broke, I used to spend a good chunk of time each day going through freebie sites and trying to find the best deals.

This one is good because they have a variety of different things from samples to voucher codes to info of deals. It's also super simple to use and really straightforward - it also updates regularly which is a bonus compared to similar sites where you end up stuck looking at expired bargains.

I feel like I should be given the crown of deal hunting expert, I'm literally that person that mostly only shops in the sales or will only buy something if it's on special offer.