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Personal Style: Should Bloggers or Influencers Sell Out?

In an ever changing online world, is it right or wrong for influencers/bloggers to sell out? 

Musing by Miss R, Photographs by Linda Smith

Is it right or wrong for bloggers/influencers to sell out?

Would it be okay for me to search what products are currently most popular, even if they're not my favourites, and then create a post about them to try and get the most money possible? I don't do this, I always pick out products I'm passionate about. I'm also very aware that I'm nowhere near earning the amount of money I could from my blog. I can't say the thought of selling out, to earn a bit of extra cash, hasn't crossed my mind considered that I'm basically broke. Would I ever actually go through with it though? Probably not, not because I'm taking some kind of moral high ground but because I'd probably lose interest after two seconds and pack the whole thing in.

The blogger stereotype
I don't think the whole concept of selling out is completely to do with money. As a 'blogger' or 'influencer' there's a pressure to fit into a certain stereotype, to post a certain kind of content, to act a certain way and speak a certain way. But, if every influencer/blogger just merges into a variation of the same person, then what's the point? There might as well just be one blogger/influencer in the world because do I really need to see the same thing done by 1000 different people?

Blogger vs Journalist
Blogs aren't really about sharing your own personal thoughts anymore. They're sort of a personal-diary-magazine-publication-type-hybrid. Magazines aren't there to express one person's view, they create something the audience wants. So, is it wrong if a blogger presents to the audience something they would like, rather than what the blogger would like?

Money makes the world go around
I think it's silly when people get angry over bloggers earning money. It's a business and a business needs to earn a profit or at least break even in order to survive. The blogger/influencer also needs to earn money in order to put a roof over their head and food in their tummy.

Doing what you have to do
You know what, I can understand promoting a product that you don't 100% love if you need the money to keep your platform ticking over or to put food in your belly.

Does it make you fulfilled?
Well, that's a question I can't answer myself because I haven't experienced it. I just wonder if it does. Is sticking to your vision and beliefs the thing that makes you fulfilled, even if it doesn't end in success? Or is adapting to fit in, if it allows you to continue to follow your passion and be successful?

... so what do you think? Anyone want to have a go at answering my many meant-to-be rhetorical questions? I always ask so many of them so you might as well.