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Personal Style & Feminist TV Series Every Women Should Watch

Would you be a different person if you were born in a different time and place?

Words by Rosa Fairfield, photographs by Linda Smith (and that's me in the pictures)

I confess that I'm not an uber cool person. I spend my free time geeking out on supernatural shows and fandoms. I get overly emotionally invested to the point that I'm watching sad character montages on YouTube and crying my eyes out because they're so moving. Anyway, these are some of the best TV shows (okay, this is just my opinion) to make you feel empowered as a women (if you are a women that's reading this):

The X Flies
Dana Scully is one of the most awesome all time female characters. A feisty F.B.I agent and medical doctor that goes around trying to solve mysteries. There's an episode in the first season that really inspires me, where she is told that she should start dating and looking for a man to start having kids with but at the end of the episode she's like, this just isn't want I want right now. I found that very empowering... and how in the early seasons it's all about solving the cases and not 'dating' or 'romance'.

* Yes, I was trying and failing to attempt X-flies poses in the pictures.

Parks and Recreation
The main reason why I love Amy Poehler. Leslie Knope is an amazing comic female character, who is trying to carve out a career in politics and government. Such a good female role model and I love the way the show covers some feminist issues. Like in the episode where they try to say to women can't be garbage collectors and Leslie is out to prove them wrong. This is my favourite TV comedy.

2 Broke Girls
It's not really a show most people would probably label as feminist but I do think it's very empowering. For the most part it focuses on a close female friendship and two girls trying to build a successful business... and most of the time it focuses on the bond of friendship, instead of dating.

Ghost Whisper
This was my favourite show from my teenage years. It has a strong female lead, who can see and speak to ghosts and helps them to move on, whilst running an antique shop and being married. I kind of thought this show gave off the message that married women can still be totally badass and have an awesome life of their own. I also liked the fact that it was about a woman in a stable relationship, you didn't have all the will they won't they drama so you could focus on the actual story.

Big Little Lies
This show has three amazing female leading characters and it's about a group of women coming together even though they have their differences and it deals with some pretty big issues. Such a great mini-series and I definitely recommend giving it a watch.

I remember coming home from school and at 4pm, everyday I would sit in front of the TV and watch Charmed. Then I'd go to school the next day and talk about it with my friends. It's about 3 sisters, who are witches that battle demons and evil forces with their powers.