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Personal Style: Autumn Bucket list & Activity Ideas 2017

Find out what's on my bucket list to get yourself in the mood for lots of autumnal fun, by Rosa Fairfield.

Photographs by Linda Smith

I made one of these last year too, see it here. My 2015 Autumn was amazing because I was in America and there were so many activities to do. To be honest, last year I didn't really end up doing anything for Autumn. It was summed up by me not being able to get into a bonfire because too many people turned up. This year I'm determined to actually enjoy my Autumn.

I've already ticked some things off my bucket list:

Apple Picking
I recently went apple picking... and it was so much fun. We could also pick pears there and they tasted so so nice. I love fruit picking in general and I think it always tastes better fresh compared to the supermarket stuff. 

Autumn Walks
I've been on so many Autumn walks already. I love walking, I would happily just spend a whole day walking through the countryside and it is just so pretty in Autumn with all the trees changing colour. I've been to a lot of parks so far though and feel I need to go for a walk in the woods or something.

Fall TV & Cosy Evenings
I recently got started on my Fall TV watching. I've started on the new season of Big Bang Theory and I've been watching YouTube clips of the new SNL season. I'm a huge Saturday Night Live fan, I even have a t-shirt to prove it. I've spent much time cuddled up in my Autumn leaf blanket too.

The things I still need to cross-off my bucket list:

Pumpkin picking
I love pumpkins... I love pumpkin flavoured products and foods. Also, pumpkins sum up Autumn for me so I need to go and get one or two and then decorate them. I'm thinking of going down the pretty artistic route this year, instead of the traditional Halloween one. 

Every year I plan the perfect Halloween and every year it all goes wrong and I end up doing nothing. This year will be different, I'm determined. I'm going to have a cool Halloween costume and I'm going to enjoy myself... and make a Halloween YouTube video.

Bonfire Night
I think this has to be my favourite holiday. I love watching pretty fireworks and standing huddled around a warm bonfire, eating a burger with onions on. It really does make my year and 2017 I will actually get into one.

Goose Fair
I love fairs and the one in Nottingham is pretty good. I mean it's no USA state fair but it's alright. I'm going to go there next weekend and have lots of fun.

Autumn picnic
I love picnics and I love Autumn so why wouldn't I have an Autumn themed picnic? I've just got to persuade someone to enjoy one with me now.

Thanks so much for reading, do you have any more suggestions as to what I can add to this bucket list? Please leave a comment bellow.