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Personal Style: How to Work Boho-Chic with a Floral Dress

Too cool for school? Learn how I styled this girly floral dress to have an edgy boho vibe, by Rosa Fairfield

Photographs by Linda Smith

I love wearing floaty dresses but I don't particularly like looking too quaint and girly. If I go down that route I tend to look like I'm 12-years-old and I don't think it really 100% matches my personality. This dress could of been made to look like a elegant summer maxi dress but instead i've switched it up with a boho take. Here's how I did it:

The accessories
The key thing with the jewellery and accessories is to make them a little bit mismatched. Go for large beads or feathers, something that looks a little random and slightly out of place to subvert the whole pretty and perfect vibe.

The waist band
This is just a personal preference, but I've used a waist band to give the dress more shape and structure. I would have used a proper belt but I couldn't find one in my closet so I used a scarf. I also think it's a great way for separating the block colour and pattern of the dress and to match the colour scheme in with the rest of the outfit.

The shoes
I'm wearing my pointed boots which look a little bit like cowboy boots. I wouldn't normally wear long boots with a long dress but I think this works. It's best to pick a bulky shoe or boot, which stops the whole outfit from looking delicate and it makes it look a whole lot less girly.

The jacket
You don't have to wear a jacket with it but I think this is a great idea if you are transitioning into Autumn and it makes the whole outfit look a little bit more built up. Again, it breaks up the colours, by adding something darker and the zips and studs of the biker jacket make it look edgy.

The hair & makeup
To complete the look, I think slightly messy windswept hair works well, again it says 'hey, I'm natural' not 'hey, I'm a perfect princess'. For make-up, I've gone for black smudged eyeliner - channeling Brigitte Bardot and bright lipstick, it looks a little bit out-of-place and creates a mystical gyspy kinda vibe (I really need to think of some more words to use instead of vibe).

I also feel like this is a great opportunity for me to say, embrace your weirdness - if you want to stand in the middle a field holding a fake crow then go for it. I've decided my crow is called Esme, after my favourite childhood book character, from Series of Unfortunate Events.

On a final note, I'm really loving this dress. I think it's a great piece for styling with other things and also a really good length. I'm a short girl so this is actually the perfect length for a maxi dress on me. I'm also loving how floaty it is, it moves around nicely when I walk and in the wind. You can also check out a Poncho-Style Mini Swing Dress to get the same boho effect. These are great for the Autumn months because they are warm and cosy. They work nicely with a scarf and pair of cowboy boots.

You can purchase the dress by clicking on the link bellow: