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Fashion: Zaful Retro Dress WishList for Summer/Autumn

I love Zaful so much, their dresses are amazing. I'm especially loving the dress retro range, as I love all things vintage looking. I've put together a little Wishlist bellow of the dresses I'm lusting after (I would buy them all... but you know, I haven't got an endless stream of cash).

The sunflower dress
I really love sunflowers - you will know this if you have seen that recent post of me prancing around holding some sunflowers, if not you can see it here. I'm also loving the cut-out effect because I love showing off a bit of mid-riff. The colours make this a great piece for Autumn. You could style it with a pair of leggings, boots and a denim jacket.


The yellow floral dress
I love the whole boho vibe of this dress. The cute little tassels make this dress for me. I also love the colour combination and the muted tones. Another great piece for Autumn that I would wear with a leather jacket and some cowboy boots. I love dresses that are a little bit casual, that you can smarten up and ones that accentuate the waist.

The blue floral dress
I love pale blue colours, lighter colours like this are normally associated with spring but I think it works for Autumn too, if you style it right. I'm thinking the low cut front, would mean a tee would look great underneath it, a chunky belt would also make it look a little less pretty 'n' spring. I clearly love florals way too much.

The 60s number
I've had my eye on this one for a while. I love it but can't decide if it would work with my figure. It has a kinda 60s vibe to it and I've always wanted to do a 60s photoshoot. I could see it with some really cool high-shinny platformed boots, with a bouffant and pigtails... and full 60s make-up. I just love the vintage vibes.

The blue gingham
Gingham is completely taking over the shops and Instagram at the moment, and I honestly don't own a single gingham piece. I don't know why because I really like the print. This has got a great shape. It kinda reminds me of a bathing beauty outfit. I also love the multiple bows, i've never really seen that on a dress before.

The pom pom dress
I'm a massive fan of pom poms. This dress works well because it's white and the pom poms are multicoloured so they really stand out. This isn't really an Autumn piece but it's great, if like me, you are heading abroad to catch the final rays of summer. I love the cold-shoulder trend and these kinda dresses are super comfortable if you are doing a lot of walking and site-seeing. 

Which one would I buy...
I don't know... wait let me think about this... I'm stuck between number 1 and number 2. I think I would probably go for the sunflower dress because I think it's a bit different and I don't own anything like it. To be honest, I don't really buy basic pieces, 95% of my very large closet is made up of quirky statement pieces and I think this would be a nice addition.

Thank-you so much for reading... Zaful is one of my favourite sites to shop from... which dress would you choose? Leave a comment bellow :)

Click the link to read the Zaful blog.