Travel Guide for Genoa, Italy 2017

Palm trees, expensive boats and beautiful buildings - see the highlights from my trip to Genoa, Italy to feed your travel bug.

Photographs and words by Rosa Fairfield

When I visited Milan last week, I took the train from Milano Centrale to Genoa so I could spend the day there. It has become one of my favourite places, with its glamorous Italian Riviera vibe. Here are my highlights from the trip:

The harbour jetty (Isola delle Chiatte)

Located by the aquarium, the many benches on this floating platform make it a great place to sit and enjoy the view of all the luxe boats in the harbour. This is also a great place to take a photograph, as it has a brilliant view of Genoa.

Sitting under the palm trees

Around the other side of the harbour, there are palm trees with benches underneath them. I spent a happy hour sunbathing on one of these benches. It's a great place to relax.

The View

If you walk up the steps by the main train station, there is a great view of Genoa bellow and the surrounding buildings in the hillside above. It gives a different perspective to the view at the harbour.

Piazza De Ferrari 

This was one of the prettiest areas, with the impressive fountain surrounded by beautiful intricate buildings. This is a nice place to sit or you can explore the shops along Via XX Septembre.

The Biosphere

It's very small but a interesting place to see, with tropical looking plants and these really amazing pink coloured birds.


I really enjoyed Genoa, my feet didn't so much as all the walking I did led to many, many blisters. 



  1. italy is just beautiful and i haven't been there in years. i need to go back and genoa looks amazing.

    1. I love Italy so much, I've been there twice this year. Thanks for reading :)

  2. your photos are absolutely gorgeous! ❤

  3. The blister seems so worth it!! These photos are stunning and I love all those shorts.

    xx Pia

    1. They were haha, Thanks so much

  4. Italy has always amazing places to go too! Thanks for sharing this trip. Your short are too cute too


    1. Thank-you, I love Italy so much


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